Aqualisa Showers

Aqualisa, a British company, have been manufacturing showers for over 40 years. Aqualisa understand that functionality is just as important as aesthetics and performance. That is why Aqualisa make sure all their showers not only look the part in the bathroom but also work perfectly. Because at the end of the day, and especially at the start of it, it’s all about enjoying a sensational showering experience.

Aqualisa pride themselves on being at the forefront of showering technology, having invented the bi-metallic shower valve, changing bathrooms forever. Aqualisa's latest innovations include a range of smart digital showers including the Quartz, HiQu, Ilux and new Aqualisa Q smart shower.

Aqualisa offer three shower system types:

Digital Smart Showers:

Digital smart showers incorporate advanced technology so everyone can select a preferred temperature, and even start the shower from a remote control. Also, because the valve and controls are separate and can be sited apart they offer greater flexibility for installation.

Digital showers have all the features of conventional thermostatic mixer showers and more – the temperature remains consistent whatever the flow – and they include an automatic shut-off function to guarantee you and your family will be safe should your hot or cold water supplies unexpectedly fail. There is also the reassurance of a pre-selected maximum temperature.

Push a button, wait for the illuminated display to stop flashing and start showering. Simple. Invented and launched by Aqualisa, digital smart showers provide ease of use, perfect temperature and the luxury of knowing when to step in. They couldn’t be easier to install.

Thermostatic Showers:

Aqualisa’ s revolutionary thermostatic shower technology broke new ground when it was launched nearly 40 years ago, today, Aqualisa mixer showers still deliver superb showering performance, reliable temperatures and unrivalled choice and style.

Thermostatic mixer showers blend hot and cold water precisely to ensure you can shower in safety and comfort at the temperature you have chosen. Many include a factory set maximum temperature but all feature an automatic shut-off function for extra safety, should your hot or cold water supply unexpectedly fail.

Aqualisa’ s thermostatic mixer showers are ultra-reliable, superb value and very simple to use. Simply select your temperature, turn the lever and step in.
No manual blending of hot and cold water; the shower does it all for you, and maintains the temperature throughout.


Electric Showers:

Aqualisa's electric showering has been as influential as their ground breaking digital and bi-metallic valves, with the award-winning Quartz Electric range, and new Aqualisa Lumi and Sassi spearheading a new generation of luxury, modern looking electric showers.

Electric showers heat cold water to the right temperature, instantly, ideal if you have limited supplies of hot water; for example, large family households relying on a single immersion heater. You never have to worry about using up the hot water again.

Electric showers are safe, simple-to-use and straightforward to install. Crucially they take water from the mains cold water supply and instantly heat it, which means you don’t have to use any precious stored hot water.




High Quality Guarnteed

All Aqualisa showers and accessories are engineered to the highest standards. They are also built to last. That’s why Aqualisa guarantee their products for up to 5 years. all you need to do is register your purchase online with Aqualisa.


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