Installing the Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit Wet Room Tray


Impey AquaDec EasyFit - The easiest way to install a wet room.

The most revolutionary floor former Impey have ever produced. AquaDec EasyFit is lighter, easy to trim, super strong (requires no under boarding). The AquaDec EasyFit also has a unique patented rotating drain to help avoid any under-floor obstructions such as joists and pipework.

Before the Impey AquaDec EasyFit, a typical installation of a wetroom floor former initially required the wetroom area to be under boarded with a ply-wood board. Eliminating this process with AquaDec EasyFit, has significantly reduced installation time.

Download the Impey AquaDec EasyFit Installation Guides:

Impey AquaDec EasyFit for Tiled Floors (PDF)

Impey AquaDec EasyFit for Vinyl Floors (PDF)

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