Merlyn Shower Screens and Shower Enclosures

MERLYN don’t just make shower enclosures, they design, engineer and craft the finest showering environments in the world.

MERLYN is a highly successful shower screen & shower enclosure business with a No. 1 market position in the UK and Ireland, through its focus on design, innovation, new product development and award winning customer service. Continuously building on its reputation for unrelenting attention to detail, using only the finest sourced quality materials, with an extensive range of finishes has awarded MERLYN the title of one the most innovative and progressive bathroom companies around.

“We are so passionate about what we do. Our un-relenting attention to detail is matched only by our love for top quality design, innovation and our unbridled love of top quality materials. For us, it’s all about providing the ultimate showering experience. We still begin each day with the same commitment and enthusiasm we had when we started.”
Michael Hoyne, Founder, Merlyn Showering

Based in Kilkenny, in the South East of Ireland, Merlyn has served the UK and Irish market for the last 17 years since it was foundation in 2000. This forward thinking company has become increasingly well known as a consumer brand and now its specification reputation is delivering remarkable successes. MERLYN is the UK and Ireland’s No. 1 supplier of shower screens, shower enclosures and shower trays to the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

MERLYN has an extensive brand portfolio of products focused on the mid to high end of the shower screens & enclosure sector and meets the highest demands in terms of design, performance and quality.
MERLYN’s shower screens and enclosures are exquisite, whether it is the effortless glide of its shower doors, the calibre and weight of fixings or simply the beautiful clean lines of its design, all give a MERLYN customer the ultimate showering experience.

When you choose a MERLYN showering product you are investing in one of the world’s most luxurious showering environments and you get the added peace of mind of a Lifetime Guarantee.

Merlyn Guarantee

MERLYN is committed to developing products that meet the highest demands in terms of design, performance and quality.
Due to Merlyn's extreme confidence in their products and their unrelenting desire to deliver only the highest level of service, all Merlyn shower screens and enclosures come with a generous guarantee.

The following guarantee lengths apply:
Merlyn Series - Lifetime
Merlyn Black - Lifetime
Merlyn Ionic - 20 Years
Merlyn Mbox - 10 Years

Mershield Stayclear

merlyn mersheild stayclearMERLYN treats every shower screens & enshower enclosure in the Series, Ionic and MBOX ranges with a special protective coating to ensure the glass maintains its sparkle. This comes as standard as part of Merlyn's on-going commitment to service and quality.

Mershield Stayclear acts as a protective coating which when applied to glass, helps the glass to remain shiny and new without the need for tiresome cleaning. When cleaned correctly it helps prevent the build up of limescale and soap deposits making the shower glass “easy to clean”.

The Mershield Stayclear coating provides a larger contact angle for the water droplets on the surface and makes the drops smaller than drops falling on an untreated surface. This ensures the droplets roll away much faster down the surface, minimising deposits left behind.

Without Mershield Stayclear protection, water and soap deposits cling to the glass surface causing a build up of grime, requiring more vigorous cleaning.

CE & EN Information

MERLYN invests heavily in its product development and as such guarantees that its glass fully complies with regulations and is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 14428 and utilise tougened safety glass in accordance with EN12150. The rigorous testing of the glass ensures that the endurance, stability and water retention criteria meet high industry standards.

The CE marking on MERLYN enclosures and shower screens is a declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

All shower trays are manufactured in accordance with EN14527.

Merlyn Product Ranges

Wetrooms Online work closely with Merlyn Showering to provide full customer care and support for all Merlyn shower screens, shower enclosures and shower trays sold through themselves.
Currently Wetrooms Online offer the following ranges of Merlyn products:

Shower Screens, Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures

The Merlyn specially crafted range of shower enclosures and shower screens are uniquely designed to cater for various spaces, tastes and lifestyles, to help you create your ultimate bathroom experience. All of which come with the MERLYN built-to-last guarantee, and commitment to service.

Merlyn 10 Series Shower Enclosure10 Series Shower Enclosures & Doors

The flagship range of the Series Collection, 10 Series exudes style and quality and is a true statement piece for any bathroom space.

Up to 10mm glass - Adding to the quality feel of this range, 10 Series products are manufactured using up to 10mm toughened safety glass.
Towering glass height - With up to an impressive 2100mm glass height, 10 Series gives you an amazing sense of space when showering.
A choice of handles - The 10 Series shower enclosure / door range gives you a choice of handles to suit your own personal style with both a chrome circular handle and an eyelet handle as standard with your enclosure.
Quiet glide wheels - Using MERLYN'S years of engineering experience, the 10 Series enclosure / door range also features a quiet glide wheel which softly opens and closes with minimum effort.
Tested for quality & safety - All products are rigorously tested by Merlyn and by global health and safety experts to make sure they adhere to the highest quality standards.

Series 8 & 10mm Showerwalls & Wet Room Screens

MERLYN  Wetrooms offer you the ultimate in versatility and luxury. Whether you are after the New York style loft appeal or you need to create a bathroom with inclusive design, then Showerwalls and Wetrooms are the solution for you. 

Choice of glass - Available in 10mm and 8mm glass and up to a height of 2015mm, the MERLYN Wetrooms offer you choice to suit our space.
A solution for every situation - The MERLYN Wetrooms provide several additional options to complement your showerwall for whatever you need to achieve within your bathroom.
A showerwall even for small spaces - The MERLYN Single and Double Folding Showerwall are the solution to create a wetroom finish within bathrooms that have space restrictions. MERLYN offer you a solution for every space.
Tested for quality & safety - All products are rigorously tested by Merlyn and by global health and safety experts to make sure they adhere to the highest quality standards.

Merlyn 8 Series Frameless Shower Screen8 Series Frameless Shower Enclosures & Doors

If your bathroom is crying out for an enclosure that has a minimalist designer frame the 8 Series Frameless range is perfect. With its chrome hinges and handles, it’s the perfect complement for any modern styled bathroom.

8mm glass - The 8 Series Frameless range features stunning 8mm frameless glass, standing at the impressive height of 2000mm.
Horizontal designer handle - The Hinged and Quadrant shapes in this range feature our exclusive horizontal handle which offers the perfect symmetry and solid feel to this truly stunning range.
Ultra slim hinges - Complementing the designer minimalist look, the ultra sleek one piece hinges on our 8 Series Frameless range are Merlyn's most innovative to date. The internal mechanics are concealed fully in one elegant chrome plate, which gives you a secure showering environment with added style.
Tested for quality & safety - All products are rigorously tested by Merlyn and by global health and safety experts to make sure they adhere to the highest quality standards.

Merlyn 8 Series Shower Enclosure8 Series Shower Doors & Enclosures

If you are looking for a large selection of shapes to choose from, then 8 Series is the range for you. This range is a true style statement, with ingenious functionality. An excellent choice for all homeowners.

8mm covered - The 8mm glass in the 8 Series range is that great balance between our 10mm range and 6mm ranges. The glass is also toughened and tested rigorously to ensure maximum safety.
Every space covered - Not every space is the same, so MERLYN have designed a range of Inline Panels which can be added to standard enclosures to fit any width from 650mm to 1900mm. These ingenious semi-frameless panels, with a generous glass height of 1950mm, gives you options for almost any width you need.
Ergonomic handle - The elegantly designed internal and external handles are designed to effortlessly close the shower to a solid "Clunk" each time you shower. With a beautiful solid chrome plated finish, it adds a designer touch to your enclosure.
Tested for quality & safety - All products are rigorously tested by Merlyn and by global health and safety experts to make sure they adhere to the highest quality standards.

Ionic Wetroom Panels

The Ionic range of Wetroom Screen Panels offer you the choice to mix and match many combinations of shapes and sizes to any space you require. Ionic Merlyn understand that every wet room space is different, which is why they have designed a modular system of wetroom panels that can be combined to fit any area. Merlyn have broken the range down to 17 key components with additional fitting options which you can build together to make up the full wetroom of your choice. It’s as simple as A, B, C.

With innovative sizes and panels built with luxurious 8mm glass, this range is sure to impress.

Merlyn Essence Frameless Shower EnclosureIonic Essence Shower Doors & Enclosures 

Ionic Essence is truly unique in its appearance with its fusion between stylish beauty and precision engineering. Merlyn spent a great deal of time developing this range that not only
exudes style; it also stays true to the basic Ionic principle: built to last.

Some additional features include concealed rollers to ensure it looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside, discreet seals to help retain its frameless look, extra strong rollers that have gone through rigorous testing procedures along with many other little details that have been incorporated to ensure this product fits as seamlessly as possible for the installer.


Merlyn Essence Framed Quadrant Shower EnclosureIonic Essence Framed Shower Enclosures & Doors

Ionic Essence Framed is a stylish 8mm range, precision engineered to suit every bathroom space. Some of the main features of this range include the solid “Clunk” which highlights the quality of these enclosures. Colour matched chrome magnetic seals and concealed fittings to ensure it looks great all around and quick release double rollers which makes it hassle-free to clean.




Merlyn Ionic Express Bifold Door with Inline Panel Shower DoorIonic Express Shower Enclosures & Doors

The ultimate easy-fit shower enclosure system. Express by name, express by nature. With innovation at its core, the Ionic Express range has been designed with you in mind, this range has a unique east-fit system which makes it the easiest fit on the market.

Many of the pieces in this range come pre-assembled to save you time and effort. Not only is this range easy-fit, it has been developed to the highest quality standards while maintaining a stylish contemporary look and feel.

With innovation at its core, the Ionic Express range has been designed with a unique easy-fit system which makes it the easiest fit on the market.



MBOX Shower Enclosures & Doors

The MBOX range of shower enclosures are smart and elegant, carefully selected to offer excellence in design, durability and affordability.

This range delivers stylish, quality products with additional features and benefits including heights of 1900mm and comes with pre-assembled fixtures making it easier to fit.

Merlyn BLACK Shower Screens

The MERLYN Black range offers you a striking option to complement and contrast your bathroom space. The 8mm glass with minimalist and sleek black profile offers you 3 enclosure choices - a Slider, a Hinge & Inline, and a Showerwall.

Easy glide rollers -This feature on our MERLYN Black Sliding Door brings with it the smoothest rolling action possible in 8mm glass.
Height of 2000mm - The MERLYN Black range offers heights of 2000mm making this enclosure a striking feature within your bathroom space.
Matt Black handle - The matt black double handle is sleek and stylish and a real design element of this new range.
Frameless and minimal - These new frameless enclosures fuse style and elegance with practical functionality, symbolising style and elegance.
Tested for quality & safety - All products are rigorously tested by Merlyn and by global health and safety experts to make sure they adhere to the highest quality standards.

Shower Trays

The Merlyn collection of shower trays are beautifully crafted to above industry standard, and come with the MERLYN Guarantee. A choice of shape – square, rectangular, quadrant, offset and pentangle – means it’s easy to find the perfect fit. Browse the range of Merlyn quality shower trays and you’ll see how they add to that designer bathroom finish.

Merlyn Truestone Shower TrayTruestone - Luxurious textured slate effect shower trays.

Beautifully handcrafted high grade stone resin, ultra-low slate effect trays, elegant in appearance and luxurious to touch. With 3 finishes to choose from - White, Slate Black and Fossil Grey. These trays will bring an element of natural beauty and a truly designer finish to your bathroom.



Level 25 - low level shower tray

This stone resin, top acrylic capped ABS layer tray is sleek and ultra slim, creating a modern and contemporary feel for any bathroom. At only 25mm high this tray can be fitted flush to the floor encompassing
all the benefits of a wetroom floor and accessibility but without the costly wetroom installation. The discreet integrated waste cover ensures it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but highly functional.

Merlyn Mstone Shower TrayMStone Shower Tray

Function with style. The MStone double skin stone resin tray is sleek and sophisticated in design. A highly engineered tray providing rigidity and strength, combined with a relatively low weight. MStone trays are ideal for 'low level' installation. Alternatively, you can raise your tray. In such cases you will need the MStone shower tray panel kit. MStone panel kits are available separately.


Merlyn Touchstone Shower TrayTouchstone Shower Tray

Strong and Durable. Beautifully sculpted shower trays, angled and contoured to match enclosures and spaces, achieving the perfect combination of luxury, elegance and durability.