KEUCO Edition 400 Illuminated Light Bathroom Mirror

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The innovative illuminated mirrors are a special highlight.

The Keuco EDITION 400 illuminated light mirror presents itself with remarkably elegant slenderness and a surrounding aluminium edge. Customized dimenstions are available on request. Its secret: A special light-conducting material conducts the light of the LED to the surface and provides the ideal lighting for the room or face at all times.

With unobtrusive and intelligent sensor controls the light can be dimmed and the light colour
altered in an infinite number of steps: From bright-white daylight for ideal, day-to-day beauty care, right to a warm-white light, ideal for perfect evening make-up or an atmospheric bathing ambience. Moreover in every light situation the LED lighting is glare-free and long lasting, and it also saves energy and is maintenance free.

But the Keuco EDITION 400 light mirror can do much more: It is optionally available with mirror heater, which is a practical feature that prevents the mirror from misting up after taking a shower. Of the highest technical standard, the sensor-controlled mirror heater switches off again automatically 20 minutes after being switched on.

Optional extras include:

Heated mirror for fast demisting
Adjustable light colour from 2700 kelvin (warm white) to 6500 kelvin (daylight)

Standard Features:

  • Widths available: 710mm, 1060mm, 1410mm
  • Continuous aluminium frame


  • Key panel with capacitive touch sensor
  • Intergrated extension function e.g light switch (adjustable light colour models only)


  • LED (lifespan >30,000 hours)
  • Wattage: 710mm - 13 watt / 1060mm - 19.5 watt / 1410mm - 26 watt
  • Infinitely dimable, lamps non-exchangeable
  • EEK: A++, A+ A, 26kWh/1000h

Exterior Measurement widths:

710 x 650 x 33mm
1060 x 650 x 33mm
1410 x 650 x 33mm