Bettering the best is always a challenge, but with HiQu Digital Shower and Bath, you really will be able to enjoy outstanding bathing and showering.  Our clever digital diverter technology means it is possible to switch instantly, at the touch of a button, between your HiQu Digital shower head and bath fill.

Perfect for busy families and ideal for over bath shower installations, our HiQu Shower and Bath combinations do it all… and then some.  A simple, push button start/stop means getting your HiQu Digital shower or bath fill up and running couldn’t be easier. Use your remote control to switch your shower or bath on and off, or to divert between the two from up to 10m away, putting an end to getting splashed with cold water.

Elegant as it is simple to use, HiQu Digital Shower and Bath allows you to have your perfect shower or bath, at the touch of a button. Thanks to HiQu’s intuitive LED display, you’ll know exactly when your bath or shower is ready, too.  Red, rotating lights on the control’s display mean the water is warming up.  Blue lights, moving in an anti-clockwise direction, tell you the water is cooling down. Bright white lights that are holding steady let you know it’s time to jump in. 

HiQu Digital Shower and Bath’s sophisticated lighting easy-to-use controls make it the perfect choice for both classic and contemporary bathrooms.
For complete convenience, HiQu Shower and Bath comes complete with a remote control.  You can use it to fill your bath or switch your shower on from up to 10 metres away. Guessing the temperature and depth of your bath or getting splashed with cold water when turning your shower on will all be forgotten.  Just don’t forget to put the plug in.

Aqualisa HiQu Digital Shower & Bath