hiqu-digital-showerOne glance at HiQu Digital shower’s slim, sleek control and you’ll know exactly when it’s time to step in.  Clever, intuitive and contemporary, the LED display feature will shine bright white to indicate when your shower is ready.

Stylish, yet extremely practical, HiQu Digital is ideal for family bathrooms, where versatility is all.  Use the HiQu remote control to switch your shower on and off from up to 10 metres away and put an end to getting splashed with cold water.

Experiencing the perfect shower is easy with HiQu Digital. An LED display on its slim, contemporary control tells you exactly when it’s time to step in. Red lights spinning clockwise indicate your shower is warming up.  Blue LEDs spinning anti-clockwise show the water temperature is cooling down. And bright white and steady lights indicate that your shower is at your perfect temperature.

Choose a HiQu Digital divert shower and Aqualisa’s advanced digital diverter technology will allow you to switch instantly between your choice of two shower heads from our Options range. A HiQu Digital divert shower is a great solution for family bathrooms or simply for when showering flexibility is essential.


When time permits, indulge yourself with the relaxing, rain shower effect of a drencher head, and for showering on the go, choose to the hand shower.

For total convenience, use the HiQu remote control with your shower. You’ll be able to start or divert your shower from up to 10 metres away and getting splashed with cold water when turning your shower on will become a distant memory.

Aqualisa HiQu Digital Showers

Remote Control for HiQu Digital.