Enjoy the best of both worlds with ilux Digital Shower and Bath. Featuring Aqualisa Ilux’s clever digital diverter technology, switch effortlessly between your bath fill and shower head.  Practical, perfect for busy bath times and indispensable for families.

Invaluable for family bathrooms or for schemes where the shower is installed over the bath, ilux Digital shower divert lets you switch instantly and at the touch of a button between the shower and the bath fill.  Simply pressing and holding the start/stop button on the shower’s control will divert water to the bath fill.  It really is as easy as that.

Like all ilux Digital products, ilux Digital shower and bath has four programmable pre-sets.  This means that everyone can select their ideal combination of temperature, flow and outlet preference.  So, whether it’s a warm luxurious bath or an invigorating shower to soothe away the day, ilux Digital shower and bath will take care of it. 

There’s also a waterproof, wireless remote control that that lets you switch on your shower or run your bath without even going into the bathroom.

The type of bath fill you choose is up to you. Wall or deck mounted spouts for a waterfall flow effect, whilst overflow bath fills are neat and unobtrusive.

Aqualisa ilux Digital Shower & Bath