Ilux Digital Bath Processor with Built in Diverter, Control Panel and Remote only

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Ilux Digital Bath Processor with Control Panel and Remote only. Built in digital divert.

Contemporary design combined with advanced technology. It’s what all ilux products have in common.
Whatever way you choose to accessorise your ilux shower or bath, you’ll enjoy all that it has to offer.

Enjoy perfect flow and precise, thermostatically blended temperatures and program your own and everyone else’s preferred combination of temperature, depth and outlet.  Let ilux Digital bath’s intuitive LED display guide you to your ideal bathing temperature.

For the ultimate convenience, fill your bath using the ilux Digital remote control.  Waterproof and wireless, it can be used from up to 10 metres away and will make guesstimating the temperature of your tub a thing of the past.  For long, lazy soaking, the remote control’s hot top up button is a must – restoring your tub’s temperature in an instant. 

The ilux Digital bath is a modular system, this means that instead of the bath filler coming packaged as a complete system, with a set design, you choose your own components such as processor, bath outlet, and additional accessories to create your own system. ilux Digital bath can be teamed with your choice of bath fill.  Opt for an overflow fill for a streamlined, unobtrusive look, whilst for freestanding baths, why not consider a wall or deck mounted bath spout.

Digital Processors

Powered by Aqualisa’s award-winning digital technology, ilux and HiQu Digital are controlled by a compact processor box.
The correct processor solution will be determined by the water system in your home. This small but powerful
device blends the hot and cold water and controls the flow with digital precision to exactly the flow and temperature
selected, regardless of the external temperature or conditions. It can be located up to 10 metres away from the bathing area, in the loft, airing cupboard or under the bath and delivers the perfect bath or shower every time.
Digital processors also benefit from Aqualisa’s 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Built in Divert:
Divert the water flow to an alternative secondary outlet, a hand shower for example, at the press of a button.

Combi / HP Processor:
This digital processor, which is no larger than a shoe box, is for use with high pressure water systems which can include a combination boiler or mains fed water.

Gravity Pumped Digital processor with integral pump:
Suitable for homes with low pressure gravity fed water systems. This digital processor integrates a pump to provide extra power.

  • Precise, digital thermostatic bathing technology
  • Three, programmable pre-sets
  • Digital diverter technology lets you switch between the hand shower and bath fill
  • Pre-sets can be programmed to remember temperature,  depth and outlet
  • Simple push button start/stop control
  • Intuitive LED display guides you to making the right temperature selection and lets you know when your chosen bathing temperature has been reached
  • Safety lock/unlock button
  • With overflow bath filler
  • Comes complete with waterproof, wireless remote control
  • Hot Top Up button feature on remote control
  • 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee

What type of processor do you need, Combi/HP or Gravity Fed?

It is important that you select the correct processor type for your water system.
Pumped processors must not be used on a HIGH PRESSURE or COMBINATION BOILER system.
If you have such a system choose the Combi/HP option when adding the item to your basket above.

If your water system is a UNPUMPED conventional GRAVITY FED system (usually with a hot water tank) then choose the pumped Gravity Fed option above.

If you have any doubts about the correct processor for your system please see the following page for help: Choosing Your Digital Shower.

Alternativley you may wish to consult with your plumber or call our digital shower experts on 0151 608 8011 for advice.

Please Note:
This item is the bath processor, control panel and remote control only. It is NOT a complete bath system. You will need to choose an outlet such as a spout or overflow filler.