ilux digital shower allows you to choose the shower to suit your mood at the touch of a button. From the perfect flow to the precise temperature – ilux’s intelligent lighting display will even tell you when your perfect shower is ready.

Then step under a stunning shower head from the Options range and be enveloped in a luxurious water experience. Designed by you, delivered by ilux. Best of all, ilux remembers your pre-set personal showering preferences, no matter who used the shower last.

And before you enjoy all that ilux has to offer, you can start your shower, without getting wet, with the neat wireless remote control from outside the enclosure.

If you wish to save water there is a thoughtful Pause button to allow you to interrupt the flow to lather hair or shave. An additional eco setting means you can be water efficient while still enjoying a truly sensational shower. And the ilux controls are ‘cool to touch’ so comfort and safety are guaranteed. The ilux Shower range includes divert and single outlet shower systems for the ultimate lifestyle choice.


With ilux Digital, it’s entirely up to you how you shower.  Four programmable pre-sets ensure that everyone, no matter their temperature, flow and outlet preferences, can create their own, customised showering experience. In addition, there is the option of a greener shower with ilux Digital Divert’s eco-flow, shown on the shower’s control by a green LED light. Water can also be saved when shampooing or shaving by using ilux Digital Divert’s clever pause button.

An ilux Digital divert shower allows instant switching between the shower’s two heads – choose a statement drencher head for the ultimate in showering luxury, while an adjustable shower head or flexible hand shower is ideal for swifter showering on the go. Diverting water flow couldn’t be easier: simply press and hold the start/stop button on the shower’s control.

A waterproof, wireless remote control is the ultimate convenience, whilst ilux Digital shower’s clever pause button is just the thing for temporarily stopping water flow whilst shampooing or shaving.

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