Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers & Bath Fillers

quartz-lifestyleAqualisa Quartz Digital Shower is the shower that started it all - and today it is one of Aqualisa’s most popular showers.  Simple and easy to use, Quartz Digital shower, with its reassuring LED display and option of remote control has revolutionised showering.

Straightforward to install, Quartz Digital is compatible with most of home plumbing systems.  Exposed Quartz Digital showers are an especially good choice for bathroom facelifts or for when you need to install a new shower quickly and with minimum disruption.

Clever Quartz also lets you take the guesswork out of bath time.  Look forward to safer bathing temperatures that have been thermostatically blended and relax in the knowledge that you can run your bath at the touch of a button.

Quartz Digital showers come complete with a Harmony shower head, which features multiple spray patterns, including an eco-spray.

The Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower and Bath Filler variant come either with a built in pump for un-boosted LOW PRESSURE gravity fed water systems or an un-pumped processor for combi, boosted gravity, and other HIGH PRESSURE water systems.
The PUMPED processor variant must NOT be used on existing HIGH PRESSURE water systems.

If you are in any doubt as to they correct version PUMPED (for LOW PRESSURE systems) or UN-PUMPED (for HIGH PRESSURE) systems for your installation please consult your plumber or call our digital shower experts on 0151 608 8011 for help and advice.

Furthermore some configurations of the Quartz digital shower are available in both a concealed or exposed style:

Exposed Shower

The exposed shower
Exposed showers dispense hot and cold blended water from the pipe contained within the shower’s slider rail which is fitted on the surface  of the wall.  The clever ‘exposed’ design of the shower means there’s no need for installation to cause damage to your bathroom’s décor or tiling.  Providing there’s easy access to space above the showering area (for instance, the loft), exposed showers are extremely simple to install and fitting can be complete in as little as two hours.  Exposed showers are the most popular choice of shower and can be the easiest for the plumber to install.

Concealed Shower

The concealed shower
A concealed shower’s hot and cold blended water pipe is concealed in the wall.  This makes for a neat and compact shower, where only the shower’s control and shower head are visible.  It is an especially good choice for a smaller showering enclosure where space is at a premium or if you prefer a fixed shower head.  A concealed shower is also the best option if you cannot access the space above the showering area.  Providing the showering area is adjacent to an airing cupboard, concealed showers are very simple to install. 

Please note: Body jets for concealed Quartz Digital showers should be purchased at the same time as your Quartz Digital, as they cannot be fitted afterwards.

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers & Bath Fillers

Save ££'s Quartz exposed digital shower with wall fixed headQuartz exposed digital shower with adjustable head
Save ££'s Quartz Digital Shower WIRELESS Remote Control with DIVERT
Save ££'s Quartz Digital Shower WIRED Remote Control with DIVERT
Save ££'s Quartz Digital Shower WIRED Remote Control
Save ££'s Quartz Digital Shower WIRELESS Remote Control