Aqualisa Rise Smart Digital Shower with Ceiling Drencher Head - 300mm

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The Aqualisa Rise smart digital shower is for everyone and every bathroom. Whether it’s a simple replacement shower or a complete bathroom refurbishment there is a Rise smart shower to suit. The Rise smart range of single outlet, digital showers makes choosing simple, just decide whether you want an adjustable shower (with a range of spray patterns from invigorating massage mode to something more relaxing) or a luxurious drencher (for an all over deluge experience) – there’s an option to suit every taste.

Fabulous functionality:

The Aqualisa Rise smart shower is packed full of thoughtful features and functions. The intuitive LED lighting shows you when
the shower is ready to step into, so you don’t have to keep testing to ensure your shower has reached the perfect temperature. Every shower comes with a remote control – so you never have to experience that early morning cold shock when reaching into the
shower to start it. And the latest innovations such as Warm up, Pause and Timer mean you can save water while enjoying a sensational showering experience.

Minimal disruption:

All Aqualisa Rise smart digital showers are simple to install as, unlike typical mixer showers, the water is blended away
from the bathing area so there is no need to excavate the bathroom wall to embed the valve.

Rise adjustable shower heads:

Rise smart showers with adjustable shower heads offer a range of spray patterns, so whether it’s an invigorating massage or something more relaxing, you can shower just as your mood dictates.


One touch control
Water saving warm up, pause and pre-set shower timer
Remote control
Ceiling mounted drencher shower head - 300mm

Aqualisa Rise Features*
*Divert is available on selected models.

Controller Dimensions:

Height 120mm
Width 120mm
Depth from finished wall 40mm


Control unit
Digital processor
Ceiling arm
Wired remote control
300mm ceiling mounted drencher head

Digital Processr (please specify when ordering):
UNPUMPED - HP/Combi control*
PUMPED - Gravity fed**

* Compatible with Combi-boiler and High Pressure systems.
** Compatible with Gravity-fed systems

What type of processor do you need, Combi/HP or Gravity Fed?

It is important that you select the correct processor type for your water system. 
Pumped processors must not be used on a HIGH PRESSURE or COMBINATION BOILER system.
If you have such a system choose the Combi/HP option when adding the item to your basket above.

If your water system is a UNPUMPED conventional GRAVITY FED system (usually with a hot water tank) then choose the pumped Gravity Fed option above.

If you have any doubts about the correct processor for your system please see the following page for help: Choosing Your Digital Shower.

Alternativley you may wish to consult with your plumber or call our digital shower experts on 0800 280 8008 for advice.