Visage digital concealed digital shower with fixed wall & adjustable heads

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Visage digital concealed digital shower with fixed wall head and adjustable head

If you love the look of Visage Digital Showers, but need more functionality, why not choose a Visage Digital Shower with Digital Diverter technology?  With a stylish, 200mm wall-fixed drencher shower head and a handy, adjustable 90mm shower head, this Visage Digital shower, with its neat, concealed control, will keep everyone happy.  Switching between the two shower heads couldn’t be easier, either.  Simply press the button on the shower’s control to divert water from one shower head to the other – and back again.

Using a Visage Digital shower is so easy.  Just select your preferred temperature, press the button and wait until the LED display on the shower’s control has stopped flashing.  When the lights hold steady, it’s time to step in.  For complete convenience, why not use a remote control with your Visage Digital shower?  The control can turn your shower on and off – or divert flow between shower heads – from outside the showering area meaning that getting splashed with cold water when turning your shower on will become a distant memory.


  • All the reassurance of thermostatic, digital showering
  • Switch between the adjustable, 90mm shower head and 200mm, wall-fixed drencher shower head at the touch of a button
  • Easy glide temperature control
  • One touch, push button start/stop
  • LED display that indicates when your pre-selected temperature has been reached
  • Adjustable, 90mm shower head has four spray patterns, including an eco-spray
  • Eco-spray pattern can produce water savings of up to 25%, without compromising your showering experience
  • Activate eco-mode on shower’s processor during installation to reduce flow and make water go up to 33% further
  • Can be used with a remote control
  • Compatible with most UK home plumbing systems
  • 5 year guarantee for control and processor and 2 years for accessories and shower heads

 Processor type:
HP/Combi control* VSD.A1.BV.DVFW.14   Total: £666.99 incl VAT
Gravity Pumped control** VSD.A2.BV.DVFW.14   Total: £762.99 incl VAT

* Compatible with Combi-boiler and High Pressure systems.
** Compatible with Gravity-fed systems

What type of processor do you need, Combi/HP or Gravity Fed?

It is important that you select the correct processor type for your water system.
Pumped processors must not be used on a HIGH PRESSURE or COMBINATION BOILER system.
If you have such a system choose the Combi/HP option when adding the item to your basket above.

If your water system is a UNPUMPED conventional GRAVITY FED system (usually with a hot water tank) then choose the pumped Gravity Fed option above.

If you have any doubts about the correct processor for your system please see the following page for help: Choosing Your Digital Shower.

Alternativley you may wish to consult with your plumber or call our digital shower experts on 0151 608 8011 for advice.