Hansgrohe ShowerSense System 2 - Croma

SKU: 88100743
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This package gives you an adjustable hand shower, shower hose, wall bar and concealed thermostat - this is your on/off control, and temperature regulator.
Concealed thermostats are built into the wall for a sleek, five star finish to your bathroom.
The system features the new ShowerSelect concealed shower valve with the innovative Select button.
Each hand shower has a variety of spray modes for even more showering enjoyment


  • Croma 100 Vario adjustable height hand shower
  • 90cm Slide Rail
  • ShowerSelect thermostat for concealed installation for 1 outlet
  • iBox universal basic set 1/2 and 3/4
  • Fixfit S wall outlet


Instant adapting thermostat - Feel safe and comfortable in the shower
Quick Clean - Remove limescale easily
ShowerSelect - Easy & intuitive showering control
Rain Spray Mode - Awaken your body with an invigorating shower spray
Whirl Spray Mode - Luxurious massage shower spray
Only 1 bar pressure required fo a fantastic shower (max 6 bar)
5 Year guarantee

Suitable for use with a combination boiler, subject to the manufacturers performance specifications.