Luxury comes in many forms and in the bathroom there’s nothing more luxurious than a Clearwater natural stone bath.

Clearwater are one of the biggest and best known suppliers in Europe for freestanding baths, the natural stone range utilises high quality materials derived from marble and limestone, whilst leading manufacturing processes and quality control, ensure you receive the highest quality bath.

Each natural stone bath is handmade, taking a whole ten hours to form, the surface is smoother both visually and to the touch. A sharper more distinctive look, which gives them a premium look over other bath materials.

The strength in the natural stone allows the bath to have thinner walls, this means you get more bath into less space. The bathing area is bigger in length, width and depth. A 1600mm natural stone bath can give as much (if not more) bathing space as standard 1700mm bath and thus opens up more possibilities to install a freestanding bath in smaller places.

All Clearwater baths come with a ten year guarantee.

Clearwater Natural Stone Freestanding Baths