Merlyn 8mm Single Panel Hinged Square Bath Screen - MB6

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With a stylish, minimalistic and smooth outward opening 8mm glass panel, the Hinged Square Bath Screen is a stunning design feature to benefit any bathroom space.

The 850mm outward opening screen allows for easy access to your bath with designer chrome hinges to give that ultra contemporary look.

Mixing style with functionality this bath screen, features Mershield Stayclear, a protective glass coating which ensures the glass retains its sparkle and the Merlyn Lifetime Guarantee.


Glass thickness 8mm
Height: 1500mm
Length: 850mm
Door swing 90° OUTWARD only

Radius of screen swing = 810mm
Mersheild Stayclear coating

Screen is reversable
Bright chrome finish

Lifetime guarantee

Important product information:

• MERLYN Bath Screens are not designed to fit on baths with stepped fronts, roll top rims or integral soap dishes.
• Fitting of screen on baths which have raised head rests or shapes is not recommended.
• There must be no items causing obstruction with the seal and bath, as any of the above may cause leaks.
• When choosing your Bath Screen, please ensure that if your bath has bath handles, they do not interfere with the bath rim area where your screen will be placed.
• When choosing an in-swing or folding Bath Screen, please ensure your swing area is not interfering with any brassware or internal shower features. Similarly, when choosing an out–swing, please ensure the out-swing area is free from any obstructions.
• The MERLYN MB7 2 Panel Hinged Bath Screen is handed so please ensure you state whether you require a right or left handed configuration when ordering.
• It is recommended the shower head position is situated on the same wall to which the Bath Screen is fixed and in the centre of the shower area.

It is important to clean your MERLYN Bath Screen after every use. Wipe down all the glass and metal parts with a soft cloth.
• Do not allow limescale to build up in hard water areas.
• Ensure that any residual water on the glass is removed after every use.
• Clean the glass regularly using soapy water.
• Do not use abrasive products on any surfaces.