Digital Bath FillerImagine your perfect bath... Not too deep, not too shallow.  Just the right temperature.  And imagine being able to run that perfect bath without even going into the bathroom.  An unlikely scenario?  Not with HiQu Digital Bath.

With its simple start/stop button and featuring three fill options, ‘full fill’, ‘half fill’ and ‘shallow fill’, HiQu Digital bath couldn’t be easier to use.  Just select your temperature, decide upon your preferred fill option and press the button. Once the LEDs reach bright, steady white, your chosen temperature has been reached.

It’s not easy to improve upon the perfect temperatures and fill options delivered by a HiQu Digital Bath. But factor in the extra versatility of digital diverter technology and it might just be possible.  Switching between your HiQu bath fill and a slim hand shower is instant and achieved at the touch of a button.

With no taps in sight, and at the touch of a button, indulge yourself in a truly sophisticated bathing experience with HiQu Digital. The intuitive lighting display will tell you when the water is flowing at your desired temperature, and HiQu will stop filling your bath when your chosen depth (full, half or shallow) has been reached.

Fancy soaking a little longer? With HiQu’s Top Up function you can bring a cooling bath back to perfection. And for extra convenience and flexibility, a HiQu Digital Bath Divert, incorporating a HiQu Digital bath fill and hand shower, is really quite exceptional and a fabulous feature for families and busy bathrooms.

For the last word in luxury, fill your tub using the optional HiQu remote control.  Capable of activating your HiQu bath fill from up to 10 metres away and putting an end to guesstimating the temperature of your bath, all you have to do is remember to put the plug in.

Aqualisa HiQu Digital Bath Filler