aqualisa-ilux-digital-bath-fillerWith an ilux Digital Bath you can choose exactly how you want your bath to be. You can create three personalised bathing experiences and with ilux’s wireless remote control, you can even fill the bath from the comfort of your bedroom. Simply press one button and ilux will run your perfect bath, so you can enjoy a few more minutes in bed.

Make the most of your long soak with ilux Digital’s Hot Top Up. At the touch of a button you can extend your luxury bathing time. If you choose the divert system you can team your ilux Bath with the retractable hand shower from the Options range to complete the luxurious experience. It will slide effortlessly and elegantly out of its housing and smoothly retract back in, making bathtime, ‘me time’.

For family peace of mind the ilux Child Lock safety feature prevents little hands from filling the bath without permission. And with no taps in sight, your bathroom will look stylish and contemporary.

ilux Digital bath can be teamed with your choice of bath fill.  Opt for an overflow fill for a streamlined, unobtrusive look, whilst for freestanding baths, why not consider a wall or deck mounted bath spout.

Enjoy perfect flow and precise, thermostatically blended temperatures and program your own and everyone else’s preferred combination of temperature, depth and outlet. 

Let ilux Digital bath’s intuitive LED display guide you to your ideal bathing temperature, and switch with simplicity between bath fill and hand shower with a Digital divert. Just press and hold the button on the control, and water will divert from one outlet to the other. Meanwhile, use the hand shower to make light work of hair washes, messy sports and play and swish everything down afterwards.

For the ultimate convenience, fill your bath using the ilux Digital remote control.  Waterproof and wireless, it can be used from up to 10 metres away and will make guesstimating the temperature of your tub a thing of the past.  For long, lazy soaking, the remote control’s hot top up button is a must – restoring your tub’s temperature in an instant.

Aqualisa ilux Digital Bath Filler