Quartz Digital Shower Remote Control with DIVERT - WIRELESS

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Quartz Digital Shower Remote Control with DIVERT- Wireless

Forget getting splashed with cold water when you lean into your showering enclosure. Aqualisa’s clever divert wireless remote control does it all for you. This wireless remote control, which has been especially designed for use with Quartz Digital shower with Digital Diverter technology, lets you switch your shower on, or run your bath, remotely, with the control working from up to 10 metres away from the product’s processor box.

The control lets you choose which shower head you’d like to use – or, if you have a Quartz Digital shower with a bath fill – you can run your bath. But don’t worry if you change your mind. Simply pressing and holding a button on the control will allow you to divert between shower heads or between your shower and bath fill.

The wireless divert remote control is powered by battery. Controls can be fitted to an existing Quartz Digital shower, including showers with exposed controls – providing they have Digital Diverter technology.

  • Suitable for  Quartz Digital Divert shower installations
  • Switch on/off or divert a Quartz Digital Divert shower remotely; the control works from up to 10 metres away from the shower’s processor box 
  • Easy, one touch, push button control
  • LED display that rotates to indicate control has been switched on
  • No cabling required and easy to install
  • Average battery life 2 years
  • Can be positioned wherever convenient to users
  • Not suitable for single outlet Quartz Digital showers