Redroom Elan Straight Heated Towel Rail Radiator - Chrome

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The Elan Straight is designed with both style and functionality in mind, from the trusted brand Redroom that will make a striking focal point in your modern bathroom. The rail's impressive heat output means it can even help to keep your bathroom at a steady, cosy temperature. This radiator offers a 5-year guarantee, made from high-quality material and engineering.

Sizes available:

Height:   600mm     Width: 400mm     Watts ΔT50: 151   Dual Energy (Optional): 100    BTU ΔT50: 515

Height:   600mm     Width: 800mm     Watts ΔT50: 280   Dual Energy (Optional): 100    BTU ΔT50: 955

Height:   600mm     Width: 1000mm   Watts ΔT50: 345   Dual Energy (Optional): 100    BTU ΔT50: 1177

Height:   800mm     Width: 400mm     Watts ΔT50: 177   Dual Energy (Optional): 100    BTU ΔT50: 604

Height:   800mm     Width: 500mm     Watts ΔT50: 218   Dual Energy (Optional): 150    BTU ΔT50: 744

Height:   800mm     Width: 600mm     Watts ΔT50: 258   Dual Energy (Optional): 150    BTU ΔT50: 880

Height:   1000mm    Width: 500mm     Watts ΔT50: 287   Dual Energy (Optional): 150    BTU ΔT50: 979

Height:   1200mm    Width: 400mm     Watts ΔT50: 260   Dual Energy (Optional): 200    BTU ΔT50: 887

Height:   1200mm    Width: 500mm     Watts ΔT50: 315   Dual Energy (Optional): 200    BTU ΔT50: 1075

Height:   1200mm    Width: 600mm     Watts ΔT50: 370   Dual Energy (Optional): 300    BTU ΔT50: 1262

Height:   1600mm    Width: 300mm     Watts ΔT50: 300   Dual Energy (Optional): 200    BTU ΔT50: 1024

Height:   1600mm    Width: 500mm     Watts ΔT50: 427   Dual Energy (Optional): 300    BTU ΔT50: 1457

Height:   1600mm    Width: 600mm     Watts ΔT50: 506   Dual Energy (Optional): 300    BTU ΔT50: 1726

Height:   1800mm    Width: 300mm     Watts ΔT50: 320   Dual Energy (Optional): 200    BTU ΔT50: 1092

Height:   1800mm    Width: 500mm     Watts ΔT50: 484   Dual Energy (Optional): 300    BTU ΔT50: 1651

Height:   1800mm    Width: 600mm     Watts ΔT50: 574   Dual Energy (Optional): 400    BTU ΔT50: 1958

Height:   1800mm    Width: 750mm     Watts ΔT50: 741   Dual Energy (Optional): 400    BTU ΔT50: 2527

Also available in White and a curved model.


Suitable for dual-energy installations, see DEpack immersion heaters for pricing.
Pipe centres from wall: 75 - 85mm   Pipe Centres: 400mm Wide: 356mm / 500mm Wide: 456mm / 600mm Wide: 556mm Finish: Chrome.


Please note - Radiator valves are not included.