Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit Wet Room Base Floor Former - 1200 x 900mm

Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit
Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit1200 x 900 x 22mm PlanImpey Horizontal Drain for TILED FloorVinyl Drain CoverOptional Gully Covers
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ManufacturerImpey Wetrooms

Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit CutawayThe new Aqua-Dec EasyFit solves the potential installation problem of the drainage point being obstructed by joists within timber floors. A unique, patent protected drainage feature allows the installer torotate the drain aperture to any position that will avoid the joist, or any other under floor obstruction. The Aqua-Dec EasyFit requires no underboarding and will support over 300kg (47 stone) when fitted directly to standard floor joists. It is the ideal solution for wheelchair showering and can be covered with vinyl flooring or tiled when used in conjunction with a membrane covering first.

The new Impey Aqua-Dec EasyFit has a computer designed celluar structure, which is compression moulded from high glass content SMC to provide the strongest nmost rigid construction on the market.
It requires no under boarding and will support over 300kg (47 stone) when fixed directly to standard floor joists.

The Aqua-Dec EasyFit is designed to provide the gradient required in the showering area for water drainage. What makes them so special is their extreme strength and rigidity, whilst only being 22mm thick at the outer rim.
The low profile is specially engineered to be the same depth as standard floorboards. You simply remove the floorboards and fix the Aqua Dec to the floor joists.

The revolutionary rotating drain point allows the drain position to be rotated through 360° to any position to avoid joists. If you need to trim or cut the Aqua Dec to avoid an obstruction it can be cut wioth a universal hand saw and drilled to provide additional screw fixing holes.

All Aqua-Dec EasyFits come with a tiled floor gully horizontal outlet drain as standard. The gully is a high quality water trap featuring a 50mm water seal, flexible 50mm outlet and a 50-40mm solvent weld reducer.

The height adjustable rings adjust to suit tile depths between 6mm and 26mm depending on waterproof membrane and adhesive thickness. The tanking ring secures the waterproofing membrane into place creating a secure watertight seal at the drainage point. The drain comes complete with a high quality, 4mm thick, stainless steel grate. Alternatives are available for vinyl flooring etc.

The Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit can be cut to size, see the following for full details: Impey Aqua Dec Cutting & Drilling Guidelines (PDF).

All Impey Aqua-Dec EasyFit bases carry a lifetime guarantee if installed according to the manufacturers instructions.

Please note:
If finishing the floor with TILES a tanking membrane such as Impey Waterguard will need to be laid first.