Hand Sanitiser Liquid - Hagleitner Sept LIQUID PLUS - 2 x 700ml

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Effective against corona viruses.

Ready-to-use, alcoholic solution for hygienic hand disinfection with virucidal activity. Comprehensive range of effects with simultaneous skin care. Effective against bacteria (including MRSA) acc. DGHM / VAH / ÖGHMP and mushrooms. Virus effectiveness against norovirus acc. DIN EN 14476, HBV / HIV, HPV, polio, adeno, rotaviruses. Dermatologically tested!

With the patented vacuumBAG, up to 95% less waste is generated than with products from other manufacturers. This is due to the fact that a refill is used down to the last rest, while other systems contain residual quantities of 13% and more. The packaging skin of the vacuumBAG is a few micrometers thin and weighs only 21 grams.

Area of application: hand disinfection, sanitary area, kitchen area, bacteria, MRSA, fungi, influenza viruses, virucidal, norovirus, coronavirus, alcohols, quaternary ammonium compounds, ready to use
Exposure time (ÖGHMP / VAH / DGHM) 30 sec.

Test have shown these 700mm Pouches will on average give you 2300 portions (per dispense)
On an average usage of 50 individual pumps a day
2 Pouches in Each Pack.
One Bag Will Last on Average 1.5 Months (Meaning Enough for 2 Months Usage)

No Need for Water.
Install in the entrance to your building, restaurant, store, showroom etc

For use in Keuco hand sanitiser dispensers. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other units.

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