Merlyn Level25 SR Anti Slip Wet Room Shower Tray & Drain - 1300 x 900mm

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For the ultimate in minimalist chic the Merlyn Level25 SR shower tray is sleek and ultra slim, creating a modern and contemporary feel for any bathroom. At only 25mm high this shower tray can be fitted flush to the floor, encompassing all the benefits of a wetroom floor and accessibility. Alternatively, the Level25 shower tray can be mounted on top of the floor, to give a small step into the showering area. The discreet integrated waste cover ensures it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but highly functional.

Designed in a beautiful matt white finish without the harsh surface texture, sometimes, experienced in a slip resistant finish. Slip resistant surface is part of the acrylic capped ABS surface and not added as a separate coating, giving it excellent durability and the anti-slip cannot be removed. Best in class - Exceeding the requirement in two independent industry standard tests.

MERLYN Level 25 SR slip resistant shower tray has achieved Class C for DIN 51097 – a barefoot ramp test.

MERLYN Level 25 SR slip resistant shower tray reached an SRV (Slip Resistance Values) in wet conditions greater than the required 36 mark. This ranks MERLYN Level 25 SR in a premium class.

Level 25 SR Shower Tray slip Testing

Unlike many shower trays at this price point, the Merlyn Level25 SR comes with a 90mm fast flow drain included, additionally the Merlyn Level25 shower tray is capped with an easy to clean surface that provides a chemical resistant, anti-bacterial solution due to it’s ultra-smooth, non-porous surface.

At a glance:
Size - 1300 x 900 x 25mm
Slip Resistant

Ultra slim 25mm low level tray
Sleek minimalist design
Discreet integrated waste cover
Top acrylic capped ABS layer
Stone Resin Bottom ABS layer
Can be fitted on or level with floor
Comes with 90mm fast flow waste
Shower tray 25 year guarantee

Please ensure that the shower head is not positioned directly over the waste as this may restrict flow rate.
The Level25 tray must be fitted with the waste positioned along the back wall and not to the front.

Merlyn Level25 Shower Tray fitting instructions

Checking the tray level prior to installation:

Important information & Considerations:

  • These trays are very heavy and will require at least two persons for handling.
  • Trays should be stored flat
  • It is up to the designer or installer to ensure that the tray and enclosure combination is arranged in such a way that water retention meets the customers needs.
  • The waste has the capacity to carry away 29L/Min. High powered systems may exceed this. Please check with the manufacturer.
  • Please ensure that the shower head is not positioned directly over the waste as this may restrict water flow rate.
  • Please ensure that the colour and size of shower tray are as per your order before installation.
  • You must inspect the product thoroughly before installation. Fitting the product is acceptance of quality.
  • The trays are handmade from natural material. Please allow for height variances due to manufacturing tolerances.
  • For open ended shower screens please consult your installer.
  • Shower trays must be fitted as per the fitting instruction. Deviation from the pre installation checks or fitting installation will void the guarantee.
  • When wet, the surface of the majority of shower trays will show an increase in the potential for slipping. This is particularly the case when soap, shampoo, bath oil etc. are used. It is important that designers, installers and users are aware of this.

Please note: Images are for illustration purposes only. The colours and finishes shown above are as accurate as possible with the limits of screen display.