Merlyn MStone Stone Resin Shower Tray - 1400 x 800 x 50mm

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Shower Tray Feet & Panel Pack
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The Merlyn MStone double skin stone resin shower tray is sleek and sophisticated in design. A highly engineered polymer composite shower tray utilising twin acrylic capped mouldings to sandwich a layer of stone resin into a uniform structure, thus providing a high degree of rigidity and strength combined with a relatively low weight. Includes 90mm fast flow waste with branded chrome cover (optional white cover also available).
MStone shower trays are ideal for ‘low level’ installation. Alternatively you can raise your shower tray, to allow room for the pipe work if you cannot run your waste under the floor.

In such cases you will need the optional MStone shower tray panel set. MStone shower tray panel sets are available separately and come complete with Styrene (HIPS – High Impact Polystyrene) panels, legs and clips so you can remove the panels with ease if you need access for maintenance. They are tough and durable making them easy to work with, fit and remove as needed.


Why Choose Merlyn MStoneMerlyn Mstone Shower Tray Features:

Tray Size: 1400 x 800 x 50mm
50mm high to achieve minimalist design
135mm high including tray feet/panel set
ABS Capped acrylic sheets
Comes with 90mm fast flow waste
Low level or with tray panel kits for easy installation
Shower tray lifetime guarantee*

The MStone tray is capped with an easy to clean surface that provides a chemical resistant,
anti-bacterial solution due to it’s ultra-smooth, non-porous surface.

*This guarantee covers manufacturing defects only

Important shower tray information
• It is up to the designer or installer to ensure that the tray and enclosure combination is arranged in such a way that water retention meets the customers needs.
• The waste has the capacity to carry away 29L/Min. High powered systems may exceed this. Please check with the manufacturer.
• Please ensure that the shower head is not positioned directly over the waste as this may restrict water flow rate.
• Please ensure that the colour and size of shower tray are as per your order before installation.
• You must inspect the product thoroughly before installation. Fitting the product is acceptance of quality.
• The trays are handmade from natural material. Please allow for height variances due to manufacturing tolerances.
• For open ended shower screens please consult your installer.
• Shower trays must be fitted as per the fitting instruction. Deviation from the pre installation checks or fitting installation will void the guarantee.
• When wet, the surface of the majority of shower trays will show an increase in the potential for slipping. This is particularly the case when soap, shampoo, bath oil etc. are used. It is important that designers, installers and users are aware of this.

Product Downloads:
MStone Data sheet
MStone fitting instructions