TrayMate TM25 Elementary Stone Resin Shower Tray - 900 x 900mm - Quadrant

SKU: D250900QUAD

This TrayMate Tray does NOT include a drain as standard.
Please add the drain to your order as required

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If you are looking for a modern, ultra-low-profile shower tray that will continue to look great for years to come, but feel you don’t need flush-to-the-floor fitting or that contemporary wetroom look, this is the range for you.

What’s more, TrayMates commitment to innovation extends to the optional Anti-Slip surface of the tray (also available in the Symmetry range). Rather than applying this after manufacture, TrayMate have developed a unique process to incorporate the anti-slip surface into the tray itself, ensuring a lifetime of confidence when you’re in the shower, and doing away with the need to replace it.

Stylish, hard-wearing and easy to install, the Elementary is ideal for families of all ages.

Selected sizes are available with an optionla anti-slip coating.

Optional feet & panel packs available for fitting tray above floor level, please see: Elementary Leg & Panel Set


900 x 900mm - QUADRANT
25mm High
Weight 27kg
Full size specfication

Recommended Users:

For all families, elderley users advised to use anti-slip option. Anti Slip option on selected sizes.

Features & Benefits:

Stylish, contemporary design which will look good for years
Available in 34 different sizes (Market leading Anti-Slip option available in selected sizes)
Made from 100% natural stone resin. Fully recyclable
Ultra-low profile 25mm high. Typical installation 10-15mm entry step
Can be fitted on all types of floor or off of the floor with simple leg set option
Recommended for general family. Elderly users advised to use Anti-Slip option
Dedicated high flow waste unit (Not included - purchase separately)
Unique ultra-modern adjustable square waste cover (Not included - purchase separately)
Fully complies with EN274 European standard for shower flow rates
Tough repairable gel coat surface
Lifetime guarantee
Water removal tested to 28 litres per minute
Designed and made in UK

Fitting Styles:

Suitable for on floor and raised (optional feet available) installation.

Fitting Instructions:
Wooden Floor
Concrete Floor


tm25 elementary draw

Symmetry Drain Outlet

Optional Anti Slip Coating - Selected Tray Sizes Only:

Ideally suited to families with young children and those who just want to feel confident on their feet while in the shower, this unique patented technology ensures a lifetime of underfoot confidence when showering.

Unlike other anti-slip technologies which are applied on top of the surface of the tray after manufacture and wear away over time, our patented anti-slip surface is integrated directly into the shower tray at time of manufacture, meaning it never wears away and will last as long as the shower tray. What’s more, because it’s actually part of the tray’s surface, cleaning it is as simple as cleaning the shower tray.

The TM25 Anti-Slip range offers a permanent guaranteed solution. When independently tested to the British standard 7976-2 slip test, the patent protected surface provided almost twice the bathroom industry standard of slip resistance.

The anti-slip option is available on selected sizes of the Elementary and Symmetry shower trays.


Optional Anti Slip Coating - Selected Sizes


Anti slip Features & Benefits:

Patent protected unique surface built into surface of tray
Market leading Anti-Slip rating – almost twice the industry standard
Lifetime Anti-slip guarantee. No need to repair or replace surface later
Easy to clean surface
Hand made in UK
Suitable for all users
Suitable for all domestic applications, hotels and commercial contracts
Comfortable under foot