JACKOBOARD® Wedgeboard Sloping Tile Backer Board: 1600 x 1000m

SKU: 4519011

Jackoboard Wedgeboard is a tile backer board with an in-built slope. It is ideal for creating a wet room floor using a linear drain channel, as the correct slope for the efficient drainange of water is present. Simply tile the floor. If to be wheelchair accessible minimum tile size is 50mm x 50mm.

The Jackoboard Wedgeboard can be laid on top of existing concrete or wooden floors. The water repellent and insulation properties of Wedgeboard make it the ideal substrate for tiling onto.


Jackoboard construction board system pointsItem Specification:
Size 1600 x 1000mm
Slopes from 25mm to 7mm

Characteristics JACKOBOARD® Wedgeboard:
Sloping board for the creation of free draining tiled floor areas
Each boards varys in thickness sloping from a high point bo the lowest point
Manufactured from JACKOBOARD®
XPS core with reinforced coating on both sides

Advantages JACKOBOARD® Wedgeboard:
Drain system inclusive solid stainless steel grate
Low installation height
Water repellent
CNC milled fall
High compressive strength > 300 kPa