Wedi Top Wall - Ready to Use Surface - 2500 x 1200 x 6mm Panel

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Wedi Top Wall seamless design surfaces are the modern alternative to the classic tiled look. The wedi Top Wall series offers the option of designing an aesthetically appealing shower area in which no grout lines break the design. The Top Wall elements are made from high-quality coloured materials and, thanks to their timeless colouring, fit into almost every bathroom design. wedi Top Wall offers design surfaces in a natural stone look in grey and anthracite black.

Wedi Top Wall elements are a perfect medium for vertical surfaces in the shower and for designing throughout the whole bathroom. The large size solutions are not only extremely easy to cut and quick to install but also give an exclusive overall result.

Quick & easy installation

No complex preliminary work is required for the installation of wedi Top Wall surfaces. wedi Top Wall elements can be applied directly onto almost all substrates provided that they form an even surface. This includes tiles, plaster, or plasterboard, among other things, as well as wedi building boards, wedi Subliner sealing membranes and wedi 520 sealant.

Thanks to secure bonding and sealing in one step with the use of wedi 610, processing times are reduced and installation is completed completely dust-free, without the need for drilling or screws. The low weight of the surfaces further simplifies the installation process. A perfectly united shower or bathroom can therefore be created in only a few simple steps with a straightforward, safe and reliable installation that lasts.

Can be easily cut to size

The floor and wall surfaces in the wedi Top series can be individually cut to the desired size and no profiles or other aids are required in order to cover the cut edges since the material is coloured all the way through. Only a customary circular saw is required for adjustment.

Low-maintenance and easy to clean

Thanks to the high-quality and seamless nature of the material wedi Top design surfaces remain hygienic in the long term. They are resistant to detergents, prevent mould growth and have a natural antibacterial effect.
In addition, they are scratch-resistant, resistant to falling objects and retain their refined appearance for a long time. If visual signs of wear and tear should nevertheless form, the coloured material can be professionally reground by a specialist company as required.

At a glance

Available in natural stone look in grey, and anthracite black
1 Panel supplied
Width 1200mm

Height 2500mm
Thickness 6mm
Cut to size
Simple to install
Mould resistant
warm to touch
Easy clean


Wedi Top Wall Technical Data Sheet
Wedi Top Wall Fitting Instructions