Jackoboard J-Drain Linear Wet Room Shower Floor Drain Channel - 800mm

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Drain Cover Design:
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At A Glance:

  • Length: 800mm
  • Depth: 55mm
  • Width: 115mm
  • Brushed Stainless steel grate cover
  • Fully tileable drain cover
  • Drain Throughput: 27 l/min
  • Intergrated waterproof skirting membrane
  • Suitable for both wooden and concrete / screed floors
  • Designed and manufactured in the EU
  • 10 years guarantee if fitted in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

The J-Drain from Jackoboard is a clever and innovative linear wet room shower drain, that is designed to be fitted into the floor creating a level, walk in shower area, whilst being of a minimalist, unobtrusive design.

The J-Drain can be located anywhere in the floor (subject to underfloor obstructions), however, it is particularly suited to installation almost right up against the wall, thanks to its design.
With an installation depth of only 55mm, the J-Drain is suitable for new builds and renovation projects.

The cover grate is manufactured from stainless steel and is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of tile heights. Simply reverse the grate to tile the grate to match the remainder of the floor. The grate is easily removed to provide quick access to the drain body for the easy removal of debris and hair.

The Jackoboard J-Drain linear wet room shower floor drain channel incorporates a flange on all four sides of the J-Drain body. This is particularly useful in wooden floors and/or when a perfect seal is necessary. The tiles surrounding the drain are fixed down onto the flange creating an excellent seal. A liquid tanking kit is available as an optional extra which is painted onto the glued down flange. This extends the protected area around the drain.

The slope to the J-Drain only needs to be in one direction, and this is easily achieved with the use of Jackoboard Sloping Board.

If shower area is to be wheelchair accessible, tiles should be a minimum 50mm square.

Available in the following lengths:

J-Drain Installation Instructions: Solid Floor

Which tanking kit should I choose?

We offer a choice of either Jackoboard tanking kit or Weber Sys Protect. Both are highly respected, market leading tanking kits.
Both tanking kits are paint on in application and both have a similar coverage of approx. 5 – 6 sqm with the recommended two coats.

We simply offer the choice as some professional fitters have a personal preference for one or the other. 
If it helps to make your choice simpler, the fitters in our sister company use the Jackoboard tanking kit.