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Product Spotlight : Nuance Laminate Wall Panelling - Your perfect alternative to tiling!

Product Spotlight : Nuance Laminate Wall Panelling - Your perfect alternative to tiling!

Want a beautiful, seamless and expansive decorative surface to brighten up the shower experience, that's not only easy to fit but also easy to maintain? Your answer is BushBoard Nuance Laminate Wall Panelling.

Laminate panelling is the perfect material for today's wet room and bathroom interiors, combining easy maintenance with stylish designs. What's more, we offer a large range of designs and sizes that makes them flexible in both design and use in any wet room or bathroom. The large format panels with post formed outer edges mean there are no extrusions and few visible joints to distract the eye.

Stuart White, managing director of Bushboard says:

"We recognised that if laminate panels are to be embraced more readily by the consumer, they need to be a thing of beauty as well as function. That means losing the extrusions in favour of seamless surfaces that do all the talking, while at the same time being superbly functional."

Let BushBoard Nuance help you create your perfect wetroom space to relax in and enjoy for years to come. Check out our selection of kits and individual wall panelling HERE

  • ​100% Waterproof
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Quicker and easy to install than tiles
    Easy maintenance​
  • Postformed edges - no need for unsightly finishing strips
    Choice of sizes and kits
    Works perfectly with a flush fitting wet room / shower tray to create a wet room area


Nuance Laminate Wall Panelling Kits

Nuance laminate wall panelling kits from Bushboard. All colours / designs are available in a choice of six kit packs that are suitable for most installations. Complete with nuance panels and adhesive / sealant. No need for trims!


Individual BushBoard Nuance Panels, Worktops & Sealants

BushBoard Nuance Laminate wall panelling panels are the ideal alternative to tiling. Available in a choice of sizes and designs. Fully waterproof.

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