Why buying a cheap wet room kit can end up costing more!

pitfalls of buing a cheap wetroom kit

Wetrooms Online introduced the concept of the 'wet room kit' to the UK in 2007. Since that time, we have seen numerous competitors come and go, with many of them offering cheaper wet room kits than those sold by Wetrooms Online.

A wet room is a major investment, often costing in excess of £5000 and understandably there is a desire to save as much expense as possible, especially on the parts that are invisible, such as the wet room tray, drain and tanking. However, these are key areas to the future success of the wet room and using cheap inferior kits can be a very costly false saving.

As is often the case, cheaper is not always better, and in the case of wet room kits cheaper is almost certainly NOT better. Here's a few reasons why you should choose a kit from Wetrooms Online:

Life Span of the Wet Room:

A wet room typically has a life span of between 10 and 15 years. The wet room kit needs to comfortably last for this entire period.

Whilst it is relatively easy to replace fittings such as mirrors and even sinks during this period, the tray, drain and tanking are there for the life of the wet room. The only way to replace them is by starting again, thus causing major and costly disruption.

Furthermore, should the tray, drain or tanking fail, the damage caused by the leaking water can be serious, and by the time the leak is spotted the damage can be extremely costly to repair.

We know that many of our cheaper competitor's kits are manufactured in the Far East and imported in bulk to the UK, and can sometimes purport to be from the UK. These kits are not designed or manufactured to the same exacting standards as our own WetBase® which is designed and manufactured in the EU to both European and UK standards.

Our own WetBase® tray comes with a 20 year guarantee if fitted in accordance with the instructions provided, this is backed up with extensive public liability insurance.

In summary:

You need a kit that you can be 100% sure will last for the duration of your wet room, we have seen many instances where inferior products have failed, causing structural damage to the walls and floors as well as leaks into the room below.

Leading Brand Wet Room Tanking:

A key component of every wet room is the tanking / waterproofing that is applied to floor and walls to create the vital waterproof barrier. Just like the wet room tray and drain this waterproof barrier needs to last the life span of the wet room.

Unlike many of the unknown tanking products included in the inferior wet room kits, a Wetrooms Online wet room kit contains the choice of either PCI Lastogum, manufactured by BASF Chemicals, or Weber Sys Protect.

Both these tanking kits are from leading, world renowned manufacturers and have full traceable certification of performance. They are often the first choice of professional fitters.

In summary:
Waterproofing is key to the success and life of any wet room, is it really worth trusting this crucial element to an unknown product? The savings could soon turn into a costly nightmare!

Drain, cleaning & smells:

If there is a leak it will most likely be via the drain and its connections. Once spotted the damage could have been done and a costly repair ensues. Many of the drains included in cheaper kits are again imported from the Far East, and in some instances, we know they do not meet UK standards.

They often have an up-stand of 15mm which means you may have to pack with extra adhesive to reach the grate cover, and this in turn means you have jeopardised the essential built in fall to the drain. Up to 3 mechanical connections from drain body to waste pipe can be used. If any of these connections fail, or the installer cross threads, then water could leak out underneath the tray without your knowledge.

Furthermore, they have NO water tight seal around the dip tube, so waste smells could emit into the shower area from the main sewerage pipes. The grate is often poor grade stainless steel and very thin, so could bend if stood on.

The drain that is shipped with Wetrooms Online standard wet room kits is the leading Dallmer fast flow ORIO shower trap conforming to DIN EN 274. Manufactured in Germany
and also conforming to British Standard BS EN 274, quality control is to ISO9001, scrutinised by TUV Rhineland.

Part of the drain is factory bonded to the WetBase® tray, making for a more secure seal between the tray and drain and allowing for easier fixing.

This drain is capable of removing up to 0.54 L/s and has a removeable trap for easy cleaning and to stop the escape of smells into the wet room.

In summary:
The drain supplied with the standard WetBase® kit from Wetrooms Online is a leading quality drain that is part pre-fitted to the tray in the factory, this helps form a more secure seal, eliminating a lot of the risk from leaks caused by inferior goods or fitting errors.

Unlike some of the drains supplied in cheaper kits, the Dallmer drain meets both UK and EU standards and has a water trap for stopping smells and catching hairs and other debris thus eliminating blockages that cause smells or water pooling.

Expert Wet Room Advice:

Many of the sellers on online marketplaces and with their own websites are exactly that – just sellers, with a limited product knowledge and no experience of installing wet rooms. At Wetrooms Online we are genuinely experts in the field of wet rooms having many years' experience in the trade, built on selling, designing and installing wet rooms.

Consequently we can offer advice on any of the products we sell, including technical advice on the installation of our wet room kits, and possible solutions to help overcome potential problems. All of this advice and help is provided free of charge to our customers. Contacting us couldn't be easier, via a FREEPHONE number – 0800 280 8008, on site 'live chat' or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In summary:
Wetrooms Online are there for you when you need help, even on a Saturday. As experts in our field we are in a position to offer you extensive advice on not only our own wet room kits but on all the products we supply.

Presence & Standing:

Some wet room kit sellers, particularly on eBay operate from their garages and short term 'lock ups', some are not even operated from within the UK, meaning that your purchase may not be safeguarded by the UK's Consumer Contracts (formerly Distance Selling) regulations. This could leave you exposed should a problem occur and a return or refund is required.

When you buy from Wetrooms Online you can rest assured that we are an established, fully registered UK company whom are VAT registered with HMRC. We operate from high street premises on the Wirral in Merseyside. Our trading address and contact details can be found on EVERY page of our website, we don't make it hard for you to find us!

Wetrooms Online fully comply with the Consumer Contracts regulations 2014, and offer a 30 day return period.

We are a highly rated online retailer on www.trustpilot.com rated as excellent by our genuine customers.

In summary:
For peace of mind purchase from a seller with good track record and proven customer service. Wetrooms Online are rated excellent on TrustPilot by their customers.
See: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/wetrooms-online.com

Money Back Guarantee & Returns:
Unlike some other retailers Wetrooms Online offer a full money back guarantee if you are not entirely happy – for whatever reason.
We can even take the hassle out of your returns by arranging for our courier to collect the return from you, so you don't have to struggle with a bulky tray (that probably won't fit in the car anyway!). This service is available for a £30 charge that is simply deducted from your refund when the kit is returned.

In summary:

Order safe in the knowledge that Wetrooms Online offer a full money back guarantee and can even arrange the return of the kit for you.

Final Thought:

For the sake of a £30 - £50 saving is it worth jeopardising your wet room project with an cheaper inferior wet room kit?

Kits from Wetrooms Online cost a little more but there's a few good reasons for that, including giving you peace of mind!