Shower Screens - Buying Guide

shower screen 1A shower screen is a key element of most wet rooms and walk in showers, helping to keep the water spray within the ‘wet’ area of the room. Without a shower screen the water spray could soak the entire room, resulting in wet towels, slippery floors and soggy toilet paper etc!

Shower screens are available to suit a variety of budgets, however as is often the case, you most certainly get what you pay for, with cheaper screens often being manufactured in thinner glass and supplied with poor quality fittings that will not stand the test of time.

Shower Screen Recommendations

All screens should be manufactured in toughened glass to meet both UK and European safety standards.

A screen of at least 8mm thickness is recommended. This is especially important when the shower will be used by young children, elderly persons and those unsteady on their feet or with mobility problems.

An easy clean coating is a great addition. This will most certainly take the elbow work out of cleaning the screen, and will help to maintain it in a gleaming, pristine condition.

With screen lengths of 1000mm or over, it is strongly recommended that some form of bracing is used at the end furthest away from the fixing wall, this could be a top bracing bar, ceiling to screen bar, or for total stability a floor to ceiling post.

The ideal entry access required for a shower area is 500mm to 600mm, however this all depends on the individual.

Shower Screen Flipper / Return Panels

A flipper or return panel as it is sometimes known, is a panel of glass placed at the end(s) of the shower screens to help maintain the water spray further. Depending on the manufacturer these are available in hinged or fixed configurations in 200mm or 300mm length’s.

A hinged flipper panel is the ideal addition for when you need a longer length shower screen but you need to maintain enough of a gap to access the shower area. The flipper can be hinged inwards to allow access, and then turned parallel to the main screen when showering to maximise the length covered by the screen.

Shower Screen Enclosures

By using two or more shower screens together with the use of extra optional fittings, a range of shower screen enclosures can be created. Resulting in a truly bespoke enclosure as the centre piece of the wet room or walk in shower. Some example configurations are shown below:

Shower Screen Configurations

Wetrooms Online Shower Screens

Wetrooms Online sell a wide range of quality shower screens, all are a minimum of 8mm thickness, toughened glass, manufactured to both UK and European standards. All the screens that Wetrooms Online sell are finished with an easy clean coating as standard. All the screens can be fitted on a wet room floor or shower tray.

The following, quality proven manufacturers are represented at Wetrooms Online:

Sommer Shower Screens

The entry range Sommer shower screens represent true value for money. Each screen is supplied with a high quality wall profile fixing in addition to a top bracing bar for extra stability. The screens are 8mm thick by 2000mm high, and available in a range of length’s from 700mm to 1400mm.

Sommer shower screens can’t be beaten on quality for the price, thats why we sell so many of them!


Kudos Shower EnclosuresWith total flexibility of design and install, the Kudos Ultimate 2 shower panels prove to be an extremely popular choice. Available in both 8mm and 10mm thickness, these 1985mm high wet room panels are manufactured in the UK. Build your own system using the wide range of optional fittings, which also come in a range of special finishes including brushed gold and matt black.

A curved shower screen is also available in the Kudos Ultimate 2 range, in 1000mm and 1200mm length’s, creating a true statement piece.


Impey Shower Enclosures

Impey, a name renowned for their quality showering products offer a wide range of shower screens, all with the highest quality finish and fittings. From a walk-through shower to the luxury of 10mm glass screens, Impey has the ideal product. Modesty and satin glass finishes are available on most of the range.


Aqata Shower Screens

If you are looking for the ultimate in quality and finish, then look no further than Aqata luxury shower screens. All Aqata luxury shower screens are hand made in Britain. The Spectra range offers a contemporary frameless shower screens, including straight and curved glass and spacious walk through configurations. A truly luxurious range of shower screens.