Walk In Showers & Level Access Showers

A Walk In Shower (or level access shower) is in essence the same as a wet room. The term walk in shower simply refers to the point that there is no step up, or step into the shower as is normally found with a white plastic shower tray for example. You simply 'walk in' to the showering area.

Walk In Shower                                                                        Step In Shower

Walk in Shower Step In Shower


Modern technology and waterproofing now mean that level access walk in showers can be installed in most homes with out fear of leakage if care is taken and instructions are followed.

A walk in shower is easy to clean and maintain and can really enhance the look of any bathroom.

Walk in showers are extremely popular with people who suffer from mobility issues as no step up is required thus making access much easier and reducing the chance of a slip.

If you are planning to use your walk in shower in conjunction with a wheelchair (or other point loading seat etc), or are planning on finishing it in a vinyl or Altro flooring,  it is important that you purchase the correct tray / base as not all trays are suitable for these uses / finishes.

IMPORTANT: If you require a tray suitable for VINYL flooring and / or WHEELCHAIR showering please see the following range of wet room trays: Wetroom Trays for VINYL flooring.

At Wetrooms Online we supply a number of walk in shower trays suitable for installing into wooden or concrete floors to create level access walk in showers. Additionally we also supply a complete kit containing the walk in shower tray, tanking kit, fast flow drain and a toughened glass 8mm thick shower screen with an easy clean coating as standard.

IMPORTANT: The below wetroom trays are suitable for a TILED floor finish only and are NOT suitable for use in conjunction with a wheelchair: