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Hottest Wet Room Trends of 2023

Wet rooms are rapidly becoming one of the most popular bathroom trends of 2023 due to their highly accessible and easy to use layouts. However, they have also gone through a huge transformation from their early emergence as plain and simple walk-in showers to high-tech and interior design power houses; which can end up adding bags of value to your property. 

If you are looking for some stylish ways to transform your wetroom or bathroom spaces then here are some of the latest trends to try out:


1. Reeded Glass for privacy with added style  

The texture of reeded glass is not only stylish and one of the latest trends but also allows you to add privacy to sections of your wetroom. If you are sharing your space with more than one person or creating privacy in front of a window, reeded glass gives you flexibility of separation without using a solid wall or partition. Reeded glass is also much more forgiving than standard glass, camouflaging watermarks and limescale.  

Frosted Glass Shower Screen


2. Use Mosaic Tiles to Create Patterns and Designs

Mosaic tiles are the best weapon at your disposal due to their versatility, they are easy to apply with minimal fuss and no awkward cuts around bends. You can use mosaic tiles to create any pattern, giving your wetroom a unique design completely according to our own desires. The additional grout lines also give you extra non-slip surfaces, great for accessibility. You can also utilise two-tone designs to separate sections of your wetrooms without compromising space. 

Mosaic Tiled Bathroom


3. Tadelakt

Tadelakt is Moroccan style polished plaster, which is achieved using olive soap for a waterproof finish. It is a great minimalist design solution to those who don’t want grout lines, which can collect dirt and grime. It is also eco-friendly and can be used across all walls in your wet room. However, it is not suitable for flooring and should be combined with tile for a sturdier and non-slip surface.



4. Shower Screen Free Traditional Wet Room Design 

Traditional wet room designs allow you the freedom of not using a shower screen, which not only gives you more space but lets your tile design take centre stage. If you opt for a completely open wet room then it is important that you consider how water spray will impact the rest of your space. Using ceramics that are flush to the wall, including a hung toilet and using wall mounted features will help to avoid pooling and make cleaning easier.

No Shower Screen


5. Walk-Through Showers

Walk-in showers have been a wet room staple for years, however, walk-through showers are slowly gaining popularity. They can be pushed to either side of your wet room and allow more space for other features, such as a freestanding bath. Walk-through showers are also much more accessible with entry from both sides, while also maintaining a luxurious feel; well-suited for high-end bathroom designs. 

Walk In Shower