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Choosing the Correct Wet Room Tray

As wet rooms have grown in popularity, so has the choice of wet room trays (and kits) available. This increased choice can lead to confusion when choosing the most suitable wet room tray or kit for your needs. This straight forward article aims to help you choose the most suitable tray for your requirements and the installation requirements.

Wetrooms Online supply four leading types of wet room tray:

1) WetBase Standard Tray
2) WetBase Linear Tray
3) Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit
4) AKW Tuff Form

All three bases are suitable for use on both wooden and concrete floors, therefore the choice of base will depend on two main factors:

a) If the finished wetroom is to be used for disabled/wheelchair showering
b) The required finish for the wetroom; vinyl/Altro or tiled flooring

The first criteria for making a choice of wetroom tray is based on the usage of the finished wetroom, and that is: Is the wetroom / walk in shower to be used for disabled / showering in a wheelchair? If the answer is yes you will need a tray able to accommodate 'point loading' (when the weight of the combined bather and wheelchair is passed to the base via set points).

Wetrooms Online supply two brands of tray suitable for use with wheelchairs, the AKW Tuff Form and Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit. Both these trays can support up to 40 stone (254kg) in weight and can be trimmed to size. They come with a choice of drain for tiled floor finish or vinyl finish.

If you do not require the use for wheelchair bathing you can consider the Wetrooms Online WetBase based on the below criteria.


The second key criteria for choosing your wet room tray is: What finish you wish to apply to the floor Vinyl or Tile?

Vinyl is the ideal solution for disabled showering as it is available in non-slip variety's offering further peace of mind. If vinyl covering is required you will need to choose a tray such as the AKW Tuff Form or the Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit.

Please note that vinyl floor covering cannot be used with a WetBase tray.


If however you intend to finish the wetroom in tiles, and do NOT require the wheelchair bathing ability the Wetrooms Online WetBase is the ideal choice offering fantastic value and ease of installation in a good range of sizes. It is worth mentioning that both the AKW Tuff form and Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit are also suitable for a tiled floor finish.

The WetBase also comes in a linear variety offering a different design look to the standard WetBase with square drain.

The flow chart to the top right should aid in the choosing of the correct type of tray for your installation.


To Summarise:

Choose anAKW Tuff FormorImpey Level Dec Easy Fitif:

You intend to use the Wetroom for wheelchair bathing


You intend to cover the floor with a VINYL/ALTRO covering.


Choose a Wetrooms OnlineWetBase Standard TrayorWetBase Linear Tray if:

You do NOT need the Wetroom for wheelchair bathing


You intend to finish the Wetroom with a TILED floor.