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Contour ShowerDec FAQ's

What is a ShowerDec?

The Contour ShowerDec is a wetroom shower tray base which has a pre-formed top surface that saves you having to manually create a sloped surface to the shower drain. ShowerDec helps to create a level access or floor level, walk in wetroom shower area as when fitted it is concealed beneath a wet rooms floor tiles or vinyl floor covering.
Usually complimented with a glass shower screen or walk in shower enclosure, this present day trend contributes to an overall design style that is modern and elegant in appearance.

What are the benefits of a Contour ShowerDec?

A Contour ShowerDec will create a wet room shower area, opening up a bathroom or an en-suite creating a modern shower environment. Thoughtfully designed, it is quick and easy to install as well as having a lifetime guarantee for added peace of mind. Contour ShowerDec wet-room floor formers can be cut to size in virtually any position offering complete flexibility in the creation and design of a wet room or walk in shower.

Do I need to waterproof the shower area?

If you intend to lay vinyl flooring or vinyl safety flooring over a ShowerDec, there is no requirement for additional waterproofing of the shower floor area When laying floor tiles, you will require a waterproof tanking membrane kit. This needs to be applied to the floor and ShowerDecs top surface.

In both instances walls of the shower area will need to be waterproofed up to head height.

It is also normal practice to extend the tanking membrane outside of immediate shower area should water splash there. The use of a shower screen or shower enclosure would prevent an excess of water escaping into the rest of the room.

Is the Contour ShowerDec available in different sizes?

We have ShowerDecs to suit practically any size wetroom starting with the smallest at 900mm x 900mm and the largest size being 1800mm x 900mm, which is an ideal size to replace a bath. But don’t forget, ShowerDec can be cut to almost any size to suit even the most challenging bathroom.
Room size will normally determine how much space you will have to create a wetroom using a ShowerDec. The most popular size is 1300mm x 800mm fitted into a corner or the space once occupied by a standard sized bath. If the wetroom is for a wheelchair user, we recommend a ShowerDec with a width of at least 900mm, or even a 1500mm x 1000mm or 1500mm x 1200mm will provide maximum access to the shower area.

Can a Contour ShowerDec be installed on concrete floors?

Yes. Enough concrete would need to be removed from the room floor to accept the 24mm thick ShowerDec. You would also need to excavate to a deeper depth around the waste area. Each ShowerDec has pre-formed, semi drilled fixing points to allow secure installation to the floor. Alternatively, the ShowerDec can be installed in wet screed. The ribbed underside is specially designed to eliminate slippage in this install method.

Can a ShowerDec be installed on wooden floors?

Yes. Any competent DIYer can install a ShowerDec wetroom floor former. ShowerDec can rest on top of the floor joists, you just need to ensure it is fully supported around the 4 edges. ShowerDecs offset waste outlet is positioned to avoid clashing with joists. Once installed on top of the joists the remaining floor will need to be boarded over to bring it level with the ShowerDec and create a true walk in shower.

Can you tile over ShowerDec?

Yes. As ShowerDec has a pre-formed slope built-in to the top surface which directs water towards the drain you must ensure the quality of the slope is not compromised by the floor tile to ensure water is effectively removed from the shower area. Mosaic tiles are easiest to fit, larger tiles must be cut accordingly to ensure they do not compromise ShowerDecs natural graded top surface.

Will a ShowerDec be strong enough to take the weight of a wheelchair & its user?

Yes, the ShowerDec is designed for this purpose. The Contour ShowerDec is the strongest wetroom floor former available, it has been tested to withstand 100 stone / 635kg across the entire surface.

Why do I have to choose the type of drain I need. What are the choices?

Under normal circumstances your old bath or shower would have easy access to a soil pipe, so a gravity waste would suffice. We offer 3 types of gravity drain to go with the Contour ShowerDec:
Standard vinyl drain with white ABS plastic cover plate.
Vinyl drain with round Stainless Steel grill cover.
Tiled drain with square Stainless Steel grill cover.

Alternative drains are available on request.

If you are creating a new wetroom or ensuite you may need a shower waste pump with suitable waste to pump the showers waste water to a soil pipe.
If you intend to tile the wetroom floor, you will require a shower drain with a square stainless steel top so that you can tile neatly up to it. Shower drains with round top fittings are for use when laying vinyl flooring in the wetroom.

How deep is the drain used with ShowerDec?

The three standard drains sit 100mm beneath the bottom of the Contour ShowerDec.

Can I install a ShowerDec in my apartment?

Yes, but this may be dependent on your floor substrate. If you require level access showering, the shower drain needs to be installed completely into your floor. In some instances this is not possible, as you may not be able to excavate deep enough or the wooden joists are not deep enough.

My parents are elderly/I have a relative with mobility difficulties, will a wetroom will make showering easier for them?

Yes, as ShowerDec is designed to be fitted beneath the floor covering, it naturally creates a level access shower that is easy to walk into and out of. This is also helpful should wheelchair access be required in the future.

Can I use underfloor heating with the Contour ShowerDec?

Yes underfloor heating can be used with the Contour ShowerDec, we advise underfloor heating should be restricted at 32°. Electrical heating max 150w.