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WetBase Wet Room Shower Tray Fitting Instructions

The followings are the instructions for installing the Wetrooms Online WetBase on a wooden floor. These instructions and others for concrete floors and the Linear Universal WetBase can be printed and / or downloaded in PDF format here:

Standard WetBase Installation (Wooden Floor)

Standard WetBase Installation (Concrete Floor)

Wetbase Linear Universal Installation (Wooden Floor)


Wetrooms online WETBASE low profile shower trays are designed to create a flat walk in shower area without raised steps or platforms. This tray is designed to be inset into or on top of WOODEN or CONCRETE floors and then tiled over.

The Coated shower tray is pre machined with the correct falls in all directions to the drain which is partly attached to the tray. It requires additional under support which is achieved by fitting plywood panels between the joists.

Conventional floor boards are approx. 20mm thick so laying the tray on top of the joists would bring the top of the tray level with the floor boards.

WE DO NOT recommend tiling straight on to floor boards. We recommend that the entire wooden floor is covered in a 10mm thermal tile backer board prior to tiling and therefore you may need to insert a 10mm packer under the WetBase tray to achieve an even level floor area throughout. The tile backer board is a good insulator and the perfect material on which to tile.

If required the tray can be installed on a raised platform, see stages 1a and 2b at the bottom of this page..

Frequently asked questions (and answers) regarding the WetBase can be found at: WetBase FAQ's