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Bushboard Nuanace Wall Laminate Installation & Help

What is Bushboard Nuance?

Bushboard Nuance is a laminate panelling made with a patented core that is impervious to water. With Nuance, you can be 100% confident that your panels will be 100% waterproof.

Add to that the high-performance laminate surface, plus installation with nuance waterproof adhesive and sealant BB Complete, and you have a shower area that is guaranteed for 15 years to cope with thousands of hours of showering.

Nuance laminate panelling is an ideal alternative to tiling. There are no grout lines to scrub at and day-to-day cleaning is no more than a simple wipe down.

The panels are so versatile that you can use them to create a true wet room, to panel out a shower enclosure, go around the bath or even behind the washbasin.

Is Bushboard Nuance Waterproof?

Bushboard Nuance panelling is 100% waterproof.

Do I need to tank the walls before installing Bushboard Nuance?

As Bushboard Nuance is 100% waterproof there is no need to tank the walls prior to installing the panelling. However, if you wish to waterproof the walls for extra peace of mind, the walls may be tanked with PCI Lastogum.

How thick are the Bushboard Nuance panels?

The Bushboard Panels are 11mm thick, unless otherwise stated.

What height are the Bushboard Nuance panels?

The Bushboard Panels are 2420mm in height, unless otherwise stated. This should allow them to reach from floor to ceiling with a single panel in most installations.

How are Bushboard Nuance panels held on the wall?

Bushboard Nuance panels are attached to the wall using BB Complete neutral adhesive. Originally developed for the aircraft industry it is flexible, super strong and will not shrink or breakdown. One 290ml cartridge installs one 1200mm panel. BB Complete must be used to validate the 15 year guarantee.

Can Bushboard Nuance panels be cut to size?

Yes, Bushboard Nuance can be cut to size.

What do I use to cut Bushboard Nuance panels?

Bushboard Nuance panels can be cut with a fine-toothed hand saw; however, the neatest results are often obtained with a circular saw, especially when trimming whole lengths from the edges.

What is tongue & groove on the Bushboard Nuance Panel?

Tongue and groove is a method of fitting the Bushboard Nuance panels together, by interlocking the panels edge to edge. Tongue and groove joints allow two flat panels to be joined strongly together to make a single flat surface, whilst reducing the visible join lines.

What is a ‘Postformed’ Bushboard Nuance Panel?

A postfomed panel has one ‘tongue’ edge as described above, for interlocking with the grove edge of another panel, and one finished, curved edge for use, in example at the end of a wall or run of panels, where the edge will be visible.

How can I request a sample of a Bushboard Nuance panel?

To arrange for a sample of Bushboard Nuance in your chosen finish, please call our customers services on 0800 280 8008, whom will arrange for a sample to be sent to your home.

Colour match sealant is used for sealing the joints in the wall panelling. By using a colour match for sealing the joints the visibility of the joints if further reduced, helping to create virtually invisible joints. The following chart should be used to match the panelling finish with the best BB Complete Colour Match sealant:














For ideas of what can be acheived with Bushboard Nuance laminate wall panelling, visit the: Bushboard Nuance Ideas Gallery 

Download the: Bushboard Nuance Installation Instructions.

See how Nuance can shape the perfect bathroom from walk-in wetrooms to shower enclosures and family bathrooms. We will show you how easy it is to transform your bathroom design with Nuance.