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Warmup DCM-PRO System Electrical Underfloor Heating

Warmup DCM-PRO is an innovative, market leading electrical underfloor heating system, suitable for use all around the home including wet rooms, bathrooms and walk in showers. The system consists of a self-adhesive decoupling membrane mat, underfloor heating cable and thermostat (all purchased separately).

The DCM-PRO system combines the ease of fitting of the Warmup Sticky Mat with the convenience and versatility of the Warmup Loose Wire system. Now when fitting around obstacles, for example a toilet, simply trim the DCM-PRO mat to fit around the toilet and route the DCM-Pro cable accordingly. Eliminating the risk of cutting the cable when removing the backing from a Sticky Mat, or the time-consuming process of laying a loose wire heating cable.

Decoupling Membrane Mat:

warmup dcm pro system decoupling mat

The Warmup DCM-PRO is the fastest way to install a heated decoupling system in all areas; in fact, 40% faster than standard underfloor heating membranes.

The patent pending self-adhesive underside of the mat acts as a self-healing decoupling layer, which acts as a barrier between the sub floor and the floor covering, thus helping to reduce cracking, for example between tiles, caused by movement in the subfloor. This eliminates the need for an adhesive layer and separate decoupling mat, reducing both time and costs.

This innovative system suits all floor types (tile, engineered wood, carpet & vinyl) and the decoupling layer protects the floor finish from damage. The layer contracts and expands with seasonal changes in subfloors preventing damage from occurring to floor coverings due to gaps and cracks in the subfloor.

It is recommended that the DCM-PRO system is installed on top of thermally insulated tile backer board. This provides a flat surface that is insulated against heat loss. Alternatively, it can be affixed to a clean dry subfloor, which has been primed using an SBR primer (ratio 1:4).


Underfloor Heating Cable:

warmup dcm pro system heating cable

The 4.5mm multi-strand, dual core heating cable, is insulated with an advanced fluoropolymer making it exceptionally tough and easy to tile over.

The DCM-PRO underfloor heating cable clips quickly and easily into the castellation's of the DCM-PRO mat. No tools are required when installing the cable into the mat. It is easily installed by running your thumb along the top of the cable to guide it into the castellation's.

Based on the heat output required, the cable is laid and spaced out in the castellation's accordingly. The clear sizing based on the castellation's of the mat provides quick and easy planning for installation, 1m² of cable fits exactly 1m² of mat etc. Sizing can be adjusted to increase or decrease coverage and power. The cable can be spaced at 60mm, 90mm & 120mm depending on power requirements.

Timesaving Installation:

One of the main advantages of the self-adhesive properties is no waiting time. As soon as the mat is fitted, heating cable installed and cable resistance checked, tiling or self-levelling can be started.


Convenient Sizing:

1m² of cable fits exactly 1m² of membrane mat at the recommended spacing. Simply adjust the cable spacing to increase or decrease coverage and power:
225 watts per m² - based on 2 castellations
150 watts per m² - based on 3 castellations (recommended)
112.5 watts per m² - based on 4 castellations

Floor Coverings:

The DCM-PRO mat and heating cable can be covered with flexible adhesive or self-levelling compound, allowing it to heat and protect any floor covering material that is certified for use with underfloor heating. This includes tiles, engineered wood, vinyl and carpet proving a constant output of 150w/m².

Use in Wet Rooms & Walk In Showers:

The DCM-PRO system can be used as a waterproofing layer with the addition of the DCM-PRO waterproofing tape, installed following the recommended installation method, set out in the installation guide, the system is waterproof and can be used in a full wetroom / walk in shower environment.


Technical Details:

• Operating voltage 220-240V: 50Hz
• IP Rating IPX7
• Colour Blue
• Thickness 4.5mm (± 0.2mm)
• Output rating 150w/m² (3 Castellations – 90mm)
• Inner Insulation Advanced Fluoropolymer (ETFE)
• Min. Insulation Temp 5°C
• Connection Advanced Fluoropolymer (ETFE)

• Thickness 5.5mm
• Colour Red
• Cable Spacing 60mm, 90mm & 120mm
• Sizing 1m² sheet / 15m X 1m roll


Guarantee & Approvals:

Warmup lifetime warranty and SafetyNet installation guarantee.
BEAB European Compliant & CE marked
IP Rating: IPXC7
Rates as ‘High Performance’, DCM-PRO is proven to protect tiled floors from cracking as tested by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

warmup-underfloor-heating Warmup Safety Net Guarantee

Safety Net Installation Guarantee
If you accidentally damage the heating system during installation, return it to Warmup and they will replace it with another heater of the same make and model free.