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Wet Room Help & Guides

Wetrooms Online® are the longest established dedicated, online, wet room retailer in the UK with over twelve years of continuous trading. In this time, we have supplied many thousands of wet room trays and kits, and advised countless customers on the best solutions and products to achieve their dream wet room. Furthermore, our support team have over 40 years expertise in the design and installation of bathrooms and wet rooms in the UK.

Wet Room Basics

The key of any successful wet room or walk in shower lies with the wet room floor. The floor must be robust enough to last many years and not leak and it must also have a sufficient fall to allow all the water from your shower to quickly drain away without pooling.

WetBase Wet Room Kit

The easiest way to achieve the correct floor with fall for a wet room is with a tray with a built in fall to the drain that is fitted into the floor, sitting on the joists, with under-boarding for support if required. These trays are commonly supplied in a kit with the drain and tanking kit (waterproofing) so that the wet room can be installed by a competent DIY’er or trade fitter.

With many years’ experience in both bathroom and wet rooms, Wetrooms Online have designed our own range of wet room tray called the WetBase®. This quality wet room floor tray comes in a number of sizes and drain position options.

Having sold 1000’s of the WetBase® to trade fitters and public alike it is a proven and trusted quality tray, when purchased in a kit it comes with the market leading Dallmer fast flow drain and a Jackoboard tanking kit.

The WetBase® wet room kits represent true value for money, and unlike many of the alternative kits available are a true quality, German engineered and EU manufactured kit. We have designed the tray to last and as such they come with a 20 years guarantee if fitted in accordance with instructions. Additionally we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy. Don’t be fooled by slightly cheaper, low quality, far eastern imports that could result in leaks and need to be replaced within a few years proving extremely costly!

Full details about the range of WetBase® can be found here: WetBase Wet Room Floor Trays .

Vinyl Flooring and Wheelchair Showering

If you are designing a wet room / walk in shower that is to be finished with a vinyl (or altro) floor covering and/or is required for showering in a wheelchair or other point loading device then you will need a special type of tray such as the Contour ShowerDecImpey Level Dec Easyfit or AKW Tuff Form.

All of these trays have been specially designed to accept vinyl flooring (or they can also be finished with tiles) and are strong enough to support showering in a wheelchair, accepting weights of up to 40 stone / 254kg. Unlike the WetBase® the Shower Dec, Level Dec and Tuff Form do not require under-boarding for additional support and can be fitted directly onto the floor joists.

For further details please see: Wet Room Trays for Vinyl Flooring.

Help Guides

The below guides have been created to offer additional help with the planning, design, product selection and installation of wet rooms and walk in showers. Additionally the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) guides answer the most common questions on wet rooms in general and on our own wet room base the WetBase®.

Buyer Guides

We have created the below wet room buyer guides to provide further information and details about key elements of a wet room / walk in shower and some of the suppliers/ranges available.

Choosing a Wet Room Tray
WetBase Wet Room Tray FAQ's
Shower Screen FAQ's

Product Guides

Contour ShowerDec FAQ's
Warmup Bathroom Collection
Warmup DCM Pro Underfloor Heating
wedi Fundo Ligno

Installation Instructions

WetBase Wet Room Trays
Bushboard Nuance Wall Panelling
Waterproofing (Tanking) A Wet Room
Impey Aqua / Level Dec

If you require further information or advice about wet rooms or walk in showers, or any products please call our experts on 0800 280 8008.