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Bathroom Collection By Warmup

A Warmup bathroom is an oasis of calm in your busy life, where your wellbeing takes precedence. Experience the pleasure of gently heated floors and walls on a cold Read More >

A Warmup bathroom is an oasis of calm in your busy life, where your wellbeing takes precedence. Experience the pleasure of gently heated floors and walls on a cold winter’s morning. Reach for a soft, warm towel from a Heated Towel Rail after your shower. Say goodbye to fogged-up mirrors forever.

The Warmup Bathroom Collection combines cutting-edge technology with classic British design to create the stylish bathroom of your dreams. The range of products are simple to install and easy to use and offer energy-efficient, radiant warmth for bathrooms of all styles and sizes. Transform your bathroom into a Warmup bathroom in six easy steps.

Floor Insulation

Installing high-quality insulation with your floor heater guarantees the most energy-efficient heating solution for your bathroom. Warmup’s tough cement-coated Insulation Boards come in a range of thicknesses, ensuring fast heat-up times.

Underfloor Heating

Bathrooms are the perfect room in your home to be radiantly heated by a floor heating system. With cool stone or ceramic tiles, your bathroom may be the coldest room in your home but with a Warmup Underfloor Heating System, your bathroom will gently heat up to your ideal comfort temperature, quickly and efficiently. Control the system with Warmup’s 4iE Smart Thermostat and enjoy the benefits of automatic heating, personalised heat schedules, enhanced energy-efficiency and savings on your heating bills.
Underfloor heating provides an ‘invisible’ heating solution, offering greater freedom to decorate rooms with limited space. It does not take up any wall space, so you can really make your bathroom a sanctuary with no style compromises.

Wall Insulation

Warmup’s Insulation Boards can reduce heat loss by over 20%, keeping the room warmer, for longer. They can also be used as a strong and durable tile backing boards, making them ideal for use in bathrooms.

Wall Heating

Warmup Wall Heaters are ideal for warming up cold, tiled bathroom walls. Whether you wish to heat a small area of the wall in your shower or install a system for heating the whole room, wall heating brings advanced heating technology to your bathroom.
Depending on your project’s requirements, Warmup offers wall heating solutions that provide the luxurious experience and total comfort of a pre-heated walk-in shower. Wall heating within a bathroom also prevents condensation from forming on bathroom walls keeping the room drier and fresher.
Warmup’s innovative Wall Heating products are the only wall heating mats fully compliant with new electrical regulations, with a 360 degree (3D) earthing system throughout the construction of the cable, tails and joints.
Perfect solution when combined with a heated floor. The Wall and Floor Heating can then be linked to the same thermostat.

Towel Bars & Rails

The Warmup range of Single Bar Heated Towel Rails offer stylish design at an accessible price point. Providing even heat dispersion with rapid heat-up times, these towel rails provide great flexibility for your needs.
Made from high-quality stainless steel, Warmup’s Single Attachment Heated Towel Rails are suitable for all bathroom design themes, being available in a variety of colour finishes and in rounded or squared styles.

The Warmup range of Multi Bar Heated Towel Rails bring a modern twist to a piece of classic bathroom interior design. These towel rails feature Warmup’s renowned electric heating wire within a stainless-steel bar and heat up to an optimal temperature providing you with gently heated towels after a bath or shower.
For a bold, stylish focal point in your bathroom, install more than one towel rail from Warmup’s variety of finishes and style options.

Perfect for larger bathrooms or households with many members, warm several towels simultaneously with Warmup’s ladder-style Multi-Bar Heated Towel Rails.
Providing great functionality with beautiful design and available in two style options, install a Warmup Multi-Bar Heated Towel Rail to bring a sculptural, contemporary art-inspired element to your bathroom.

Mirror Demister

Every bathroom needs a clean and clear mirror and after a hot bath or shower,mirrors have a habit of steaming up. Easy to install and effortless to control, Warmup Mirror Demisters provide the perfect solution to this problem by turning your conventional mirror into a heated bathroom mirror.
Warmup’s Mirror Demisters take the form of a flat, electrically-heated film that attaches to the back of a new or existing bathroom mirror. Available in three rectangular sizes that can be tessellated to suit any mirror shape.