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wedi Fundo Ligno Wet Room Tray Element

wedi Fundo Ligno – The floor-level shower element with outer edges of just 20mm thick has been specially developed for use in old and new builds with 

wooden floors. In contrast to traditional shower elements, the Fundo Ligno is adapted to the covering wood layer and as a result can be integrated into it wonderfully – without building up further height and without time-consuming levelling measures. In the case of the integrated model, it is sealed to the adjoining timber floor using the wedi Fundo sealing set. In the case of assembly on top of floorboards, height-adjusting wedi building boards are also used alongside the Fundo Ligno. In this case, only wedi 610 is used for sealing. Fundo Ligno – ideal for wood.

The wedi Fundo Ligno wet room tray former is itself 100% waterproof, including the core. This means that should it become damaged the tray former is still waterproof. If a Wedi Fundo Ligno tray is joined to wedi Building Board using the wedi 610 Hybrid Adhesive and Sealant, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, then that joint will be 100% waterproof.


wedi Fundo Ligno BBA Certification

Wedi Fundo Primo - BBA Certified


wedi Fundo Ligno trays are BBA certified (BBA Certificate No:14/5126) with the key factors assessed:

  • Water tightness — the products will provide a waterproof shower area.
  • Bond strength — when used with a suitable adhesive the adhesion of the products to the substrate and the adhesion of tiles to the product are satisfactory.
  • Resistance to mechanical damage — the products have satisfactory resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Durability — the products will have a service life of at least 10 years.


wedi Fundo Ligno Key points:

  • Specially for wooden floors - At just 20 mm thick, this floor element is suitable for flush-mounting in almost any wooden floor.
  • Numerous configurations - Varying formats from 900 mm wide to 1600 mm long as well as different drain positions.
  • Precisely pre-fabricated slope - The perfectly even slope ensures optimum tiling. It is at least 1.6%. Surface drainage is thereby guaranteed.
  • Minimal weight - Due to the low weight of the floor element, the wooden flooring need only bear a minimal load and as a result the fitting is made significantly easier for the tradesperson or comptent DIY installer.
  • 100% waterproof through and through - Not just the special covering but also the XPS foam and drain are 100% waterproof in the entire system. wedi offers a guarantee for this.
  • Decoupling effect - The floor elements do not transfer wooden subsurface movements on to the tiles. This decoupling function provides the tiles with lasting protection against cracks and damage.
  • Barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible - The wheelchair accessibility of the Fundo Ligno floor elements is guaranteed even from a tile size of as little as 5 x 5 cm without any need for additional measures.
  • Low Profile - Only 20mm deep at the outer edges.



wedi Fundo Ligno Installation Overview

The thickness of the wedi Fundo Ligno shower element is 20mm at the edges with a support plate — measuring 338 x 338mm — on the underside of the element, reinforcing
the drain opening area thus increasing the overall thickness of the tray to a total of 41mm.

1. A minimum of 44mm is required above the drain body to accommodate the shower element, so ensure to cut out the required piece of the flooring in order to incorporate both the drain and shower elements. A minimum of 44mm is required above the drain body to accommodate the shower element.
2. Install a supporting substructure for the drain body. Position and join the drainage to the pipework and reinsert the section of flooring.
3. Infill the recess with a sand cement mortar mix and smooth it in level with the top of the drain body ensuring that there is 20mm left to accommodate the support plate.
4. Insert the O-ring into the groove from above and screw the main sealing collar in.
5. Pre-treat the wooden surface with a suitable primer. Apply flexible cement-based tile adhesive across the entire surface of the underside of the shower element.
6. Insert the shower element into the recess, make sure it’s level and seal the entire perimeter of the shower element using a wedi Fundo Sealing set. Leave to set for 12 hours, once dried, tiling can commence.

The wedi Fundo Ligno drain substructure element is a pre-formed foam element which is specially designed to guarantee reliable support and accurate alignment of the drain, thus eliminating time consuming building and filling with mortar and screed. The installation process will be the same as above, except that no supporting substructure needed to be built. Once the drainage is positioned and joined to the pipework, reinsert the section of flooring, and continue with steps 4-6 (above) as normal.


wedi Fundo Ligno Downloads:

Wedi Fundo Ligno Technical Data Sheet
Wedi Fundo Ligno Wooden IN Floor Fitting Instructions
Wedi Fundo Ligno Wooden ON Floor Fitting Instructions
Wedi Shower Elements BBA Certificate No:14/5126


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When you purchase any wedi product from Wetrooms Online, you are not only purchasing from an authorised wedi retailer, you are also purchasing from a wedi expert, recognised as such by wedi themselves.

We work closely with wedi to ensure that we offer the best possible wedi buying experience. Our staff regularly attend wedi UK head office to undertake training on the wedi range of products. As such we are able to offer help on the most suitable products and their application’s.

Wetrooms Online are proud to be wedi authorised retailers and wedi experts.

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