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What do you need to know about shower trays?

If you are in the process of building your own wetroom, you will have probably already picked out your perfect shower or shower screen. But you may be wondering whether to add a shower tray. It may only seem like a small addition to your wetroom or walk-in shower, but there are so many options available with Wetrooms Online.


Walk in Shower


As the popularity of wet rooms has increased, so has the choice of wet room trays available. Whilst this increased choice is welcome, it does lead to confusion for some when choosing the most suitable tray for the project’s requirements and installation constraints.


When it comes to installing a wet room or walk-in shower the easiest way to achieve the required fall to the drain is with the use of a wet room tray/floor former. Wet room trays come with the required fall to drain (approx. 2%) built into the tray, taking away the guesswork and effort of trying to create it for yourself.

There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing a wet room tray, here are some factors to include:


  • Floor substrate – Usually wood or concrete/screed
  • Finished floor covering – Tiles or Vinyl
  • User’s needs – Is wheelchair showering a requirement?
  • Drain position – Avoidance of joists and aesthetics

Whilst most wet room trays/floor formers available are suitable for use in both wooden and concrete floors, and are available in many size and drain location configurations, the main deciding factors on the choice of tray will come down to the finished floor covering, and the end user’s needs, for example, does it need to support a user in a wheelchair?

The finish of the floor is a determining factor in the choice of tray used, as not all trays are suitable for a vinyl floor finish, whereas the vast majority of trays that are suitable for a vinyl floor covering are also suitable for a tiled floor finish when the appropriate drain is used.

More often than not, where a vinyl floor is to be fitted it is for anti-slip purposes, such as for use with the elderly or a mobility wet room.


Mobility Wetroom


Wet Room Trays suitable for use with a TILED floor finish include:



Wet Room Trays Suitable for a VINYL floor finish include:


Contour ShowerDec


The above trays would also be the best choice If the wet room is to be used by persons who need to use a stool/wheelchair or similar for showering purposes.


In conclusion, we recommend you consider a Contour Shower Dec, AKW Tuff Form, or Impey Level Dec if you intend to use the wet room for wheelchair bathing and/or you intend to cover the floor with a VINYL/ALTRO covering.


We also recommend that you consider a Wetrooms Online WetBase Standard Tray or WetBase Linear Tray, Impey Aqua Dec, Impey Aqua Dec Linear, Jackoboard Aqua Line, or Jackoboard Aqua Flat if you do NOT need the wet room for wheelchair bathing and you intend to finish the wet room with a TILED floor.


If you need more help or advice on choosing a wet room shower tray, download our FREE EXPERTS GUIDE TO WET ROOMS here.


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