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Wet Room Shower Screens & Enclosures

A shower screen or shower enclosure will help prevent water spray from soaking the rest of the wet room, this is especially important in smaller wet rooms where thought needs to be given to protecting furnishings and preventing damp towels before they have been used! Shower screens are made more essential with the use of today’s modern high-powered showers which can deliver great amounts of water at high pressure.

Wet Room shower screens and shower enclosures are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles including folding or pivoting screens, ideal for where spaces is a premium. Glass thicknesses available are 10mm, 8mm or 6mm depending on the range / style. All screens sold by Wetrooms Online meet European safety standards for shower screens / shower enclosures, additionally all screens have an easy clean coating applied as standard, at no extra cost.

In all fittings of shower screens for wet rooms we recommend a minimum access gap of 500m, ideally 600m between the screen and wall or main screen and side screen.

Important: Please be aware that ALL shower screen sizes quoted are nominal, i.e., in reality they will be slightly shorter than the width stated. This is standard practice across all shower screen manufacturers and is to allow for tiling when fitted on a shower tray. The difference between stated and actual width will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. If in doubt please call 0800 280 8008 prior to purchase.

For further information and advice regarding choosing a shower screen, please see our guide: Buyers Guide to Shower Screens