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Can a Wet Room add value to your home?

A wetroom can often be an attractive proposition for homeowners; especially those who are deciding between changing up their bathroom or renovating their home before a sale. Question is, does a wetroom add value to your home?

If you’ve got a luxury home and you’re looking to sell or renovate it to appeal to high-end buyers, then a wetroom could add value as a secondary or tertiary bathroom. However, for a small family home with only one bathroom, a wetroom, which could be without a bath, might be less attractive to sellers who have young children.

Check out the blog below to see exactly how you can add value to your home with a wetroom.

How much value exactly does a wetroom add to your home?

An additional bathroom can add approximately 5% to the value of your home. This is according to an assortment of studies by estate agents and insurers.

Walk in shower

With a wetroom styled as an extra bathroom, either an ensuite or separate bathroom, this is a great way to add value and money to your home. According to luxury estate agents, luxury properties worth over £1.5 million with a wetroom could increase the property by upwards of £50,000!

How can a wetroom add value to your house?

The potential for extra financial value from the sale of the home is not the only value opportunity of a wetroom. A wetroom can add value in assortment of other ways, see below:

  1. Creating a modern space in a home

  2. Generating a feeling of luxury / contemporary design / minimalism / style.

  3. Protects a space through waterproofing

  4. The best use of space for small and/or awkwardly shaped rooms.

When planning or designing your dream wetroom, make sure to evaluate what would work best in the space that you have available.


Create value by maximising space

In abnormally shaped bathrooms, in which a shower tray or bath has to be smaller than usual, or shaped differently, a wetroom would prove to be a better alternative. With a wetroom, homeowners can maximise the floor space that is available, without compromising on functionality or design.

Conventional bathtubs require a lot of room. Meanwhile, a wetroom can stimulate a sense of luxury and relaxation, just like a bathroom, but without having to extensively renovate and do a lot of work.


Generating the “Wow” Factor

If you’re aiming to sell your home, having that “wow” factor can really impress buyers, and also ensures that your home is instantly more marketable. Regarding individual aspects of a wetroom, featuring marble tiling and/or a feature wall, you can wow prospecting buyers, encouraging a more valuable sale.


Improved Plumbing

Pipework in old bathrooms can often be furred up, resulting in poor hot and cold flow, knocking, or rattling sounds. At the very worst this can result in burst pipes. For those who are renovating their bathroom into a wetroom, take a look at a pressured plumbing system - rather than gravity fed - as this removes the necessity for a header tank. This frees up space and results in good pressure on both the hot and cold supplies.

Many homebuyers dread renovating a plumbing system, so doing it before selling your property can make your house look a lot more attractive in a buyers market.


Reduced Cleaning

Overall, a wetroom is a lot easier to clean compared to a bathroom. This is because there are fewer surfaces to scrub, which reduces the build-up of water waste. With this in mind, maintaining a wetroom in pristine condition is much easier compared to a bathroom.

For homeowners with growing families, and possibly pets, a wetroom can reduce the weekly clean and increase the efficiency of a house clean.


Better for the environment

For homeowners who want to be more environmentally conscious, a wetroom can reduce the amount of water used during a wash. This is also handy during times of drought. If a water conserving shower head is installed, i.e. an aerated one, the amount of water used in a wetroom can be reduced dramatically. Having a bath uses significantly more water than showering, some baths can hold up to 280 litres.


When Does a Wetroom Not Add Value to your Home?

There are very few situations where a wetroom does not add value to a home. At the end of the day, the value of a property is controlled by how desirable a home is to a buyer. But how the market generally perceives a wetroom is positive. This is especially the case for those who desire a contemporary, distinctive home.

Whilst a wetroom may not be the quickest, or most straightforward, mechanism to add value to your property, it’s one of the most desirable attributes of a modern property. If you’re considering renovating your home with a more traditional bathroom space, consider the perceptions of the market in your local area and what is desirable to people looking at homes similar to yours.

If you don’t know where to start with planning or designing your wetroom, we have created the Ultimate Experts Guide to Wet Rooms!

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