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The Top 6 Benefits of Having a Wet Room

Wet rooms are a valuable addition to your home which come with a whole host of benefits that can make your life easier. Along with the versatility of the many design choices, there are endless accessibility aids that can make your wet room your favourite place to be. Below, our are top 6 benefits of having a Wet Room:

1. Easy to clean

Due to the open plan design of wet rooms, keeping them clean is much easier than standard bathrooms. There are few fixtures and fittings and those they do have are built-in. This means that there is less grime and dirt which can hide in the crevices and corners of regular bathroom fixtures, which encourage the growth of mould and bacteria in their runners and pipes. 

If your wet room also features a floating basin and wall-mounted toilet, then there is a further reduction of dirt and germs gathering around the floor seals. Mops and brushes will also glide under with ease.


2. Add Value To Your Home 

Wet rooms are credited with adding value to high-end homes; with the extra water-proofing procedures undertaken during installation, houses are future-proofed for possible damages. Wet rooms also installed in addition to existing bathrooms add value to properties, with multiple bathrooms being a high selling point for potential buyers. Wet rooms are very appealing to both young families with small children as well as older people with mobility issues, wet rooms appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers.


3. Accessible for All

The most important benefit of a wet room is the increase to accessibility. Although wet rooms may not always be designed with this as it’s main purpose, the structure and features of wetrooms lends itself well to this purpose. Wet rooms can offer features, such as non-slip flooring, grab rails and shower seats. Also, as the floor and shower area are on the same level, they are easily accessible for those with mobility issues.


4. Fully customisable 

Wet rooms give you the option of being able to design the layout and features completely to your own desires and tastes. There are endless styles to choose from and with fewer obstacles in your way, such as cubicles and raised shower trays, the options are endless. When designing your wet room, you may decide to follow the latest trends and include geometric tile designs or textured glass, or you may follow minimalist design choices or go for a modern look- the choice is yours. 


5. Suitable for Any Size

Wet rooms don’t just belong in larger houses, they can be great space solutions for small bathrooms. By removing the bath to make room for a shower, you can open up the room and create extra space. There is also no need for bulky raised shower trays or enclosures with doors which may take up what little space you have. 


6. Anyone Can Use Them

Choosing a wet room over a traditional bathroom layout is a simple way to make an environment that is safe and easy for everyone to use, regardless of age or mobility. Whether you have mobility issues or not, a wet room is suitable and practical for everyone.