A shower tray offers a fast and convinient way of installing a showering area in your bathroom or wet room.

Unlike a wet room tray a shower tray is traditionally installed on top of the exsisting flloor, removing the need to cut into the floor boards. However some shower trays, can be installed in the floor like a wet room tray. Unlike a wet room tray, a shower tray has a raised lip around the edge that is designed to hold the water within the tray area.

The shower trays are available in square, rectangular, quadrant and pentangle shape. In addition, the shower trays are available with standard, anti slip and slate effect finishes. 

Anti Slip Shower Trays

Zamori anti-slip is simply the finest available. Zamori anti-slip shower trays comply with DIN51097 class C - the highest anti-slip rating. Zamori are the only manufacturer to thermo bond the Swiss Grip Antislip onto the tray with a curing process - to ensure better performance for a cleaner & longer lasting surface.

All Zamori shower tray shapes and sizes are avialable with an anti slip coating.