TrayMate Elementary Advance Leg & Panel Kit

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Elementary leg set

Adjusted in seconds, the legs combine together to create the flexibility to raise the tray from 88mm to 172mm from the floor surface allowing full access to the waste trap below.

Finished off with a high quality ABS acrylic capped trim panel this kit is simple yet engineered to last a lifetime. Each leg is capable of withstanding loads of over 400KG.

A leg set is available for every tray in the Elementary and Elementary Anti-Slip ranges.

Sizes available:

Kit A - 760mm - 900mm Square - 5 Legs, 2 Fascia Panels
Kit B - 1000mm - 1200mm Rectangular - 7 legs, 2 Fascia Panels
Kit C - 1400mm - 1700mm Rectangular - 8 legs, 2 Fascia Panels
Kit D - 800mm - 900mm Quadrant - 5 legs, 1 Fascia Panels
Kit E - 1000mm - 1200mm Offset Quadrant - 6 legs, 1 Fascia Panels

Only suitable for the TrayMate Elementary range of shower trays.

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