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5 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Are you looking for ways to make your small bathroom space look bigger? Having a small bathroom can be challenging when you have limited space and a number of fixtures, but utilizing your space, and doing it right can make the whole room seem brighter and more spacious. Here are 5 small bathroom ideas to make your bathroom seem bigger.


If you want to visually expand your bathroom space, opt for light colours of paint such as white, pastel blue, green, or yellow. You can even go for matching wall and floor tiles for the added ‘wow’ factor. You can create a long-lasting style with our Bushboard Nuance Wall Panelling. It is the perfect material for today’s wet room and bathroom interiors, combining easy maintenance surfaces with stylish designs. You can see our selection of wall panelling here:



You can make the most of your space by choosing to mount your larger fixtures to the walls. Traditionally in bathrooms, a lot of space is taken up by having fixtures floor-mounted or free-standing. But, lifting everything up from the floor creates lots more space! And, we’re not just talking about the toilet or the sink, we’re talking about the toilet roll holders too! Wall-mounted furniture cleverly makes a compact bathroom appear less cluttered and more spacious. Check out our Viega installation packages with a range of frame sizes to suit each specification:



You shouldn't have to compromise on style if you have a small bathroom! Choosing a wall-mounted vertical radiator/towel rail will help maximise your wall space. Our Redroom Omnia Radiators have been designed with style and functionality in mind. Not only will they make a striking focal point in your bathroom, but the distinctive ladder-style horizontal tube rails will give you plenty of space to hang several towels. Have a look for yourself:



Choosing a folding shower screen is an ingenious space-saving solution for wet rooms and bathrooms with space restrictions. The hero of the bijoux bathroom. Folding away neatly and horizontally flush to the wall, the Merlyn 8 Series folding shower screen allows you to double your feeling of space in any small bathroom giving you that space you desire.

Find out more information here:



No bathroom is complete without a mirror. But did you know that mirrors can actually enhance and brighten your space? Use your mirrors to open up your space, go big, and choose more than one mirror. Mirrors will bounce the natural light around the room and make your space feel much larger.

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